Struggle has become synonymous with life. But I believe coming back to basics and bring more self-care into our day can help us manage so much better with stress and challenge.

Here are some tips from Renee Trudeau (self care and life balance coach) on this topic.

7 simple ways to de-stress | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Get grateful.

Voicing what we’re grateful for heightens our mood, floods our body with endorphins, shifts and broadens how we see the world. It can also really support us in remembering what matters most for us. Gratitude is a gift that can be drawn up anytime and it’s free.

Go outside.

Time in nature is often referred to as the ultimate natural antidepressant because it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. Mother Nature reduces stress, enhances our mood/overall mental health, helps us to “reset,” promotes cognitive abilities, fosters problem solving and creativity, supports work/life balance, and enhances family connection and intimacy.

Move your body …breathe.

When we are struggling with emotional issues, most often the benefits come from beginning to move again so we get out of our heads and into our bodies. Go to a yoga, Nia or exercise class. Take a hike, walk around the block just walk the stairs at work a few times!

Breathing is also a great way to get the energy moving, so try a yoga-style approach of going in through your nose, with your mouth closed for in three, hold for three, then exhale for three.. this can be quite detoxifying and calming for our systems.

Ask for help.

People who are comfortable asking for and receiving help—whether it’s from a coach, therapist, mentor, professional organization, business partner, neighbor, friend or colleague—experience greater success and feel more connected and confident in all areas of their lives.

Learning to ask for and receive help can be one of the most important skills you can cultivate AND it can open you up to all kinds of new perspectives. Having a support system can make all the difference in how you experience the journey.

Do less.

We’re entering a whole new frontier that requires us to find more space to breathe, think, dream, and digest. We’re craving more time to just be — so we can actually integrate into our hearts and souls what’s happening moment to moment.

This could mean meditating, doing a restorative yoga class, or taking a long slow bath. The more choices and decision we have to make, the less happy we often are so instead of over-doing it, take the pressure off yourself.

Let yourself feel

The more we’re able to just be with what we’re feeling, the more we’re able to heal from old wounds. When we “feel our feelings,” we become more open and accessible to our loved ones, we’re more connected to our passions and desires, we become comfortable voicing our needs and drawing clear boundaries, we begin to harvest the gifts that come from living with the light and the dark and contrary to what we might think—we actually begin to feel more alive and less fearful.

Be kinder to you.

Always be kind to yourself and follow the insights from goddess kuan yin who is all about compassion. This is a time to move a little slower, lighten our loads and be less ambitious. People first, things second..


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