My passion + purpose

My name is Bree and Im a Brisbane based women’s self-care coach, qualified clinical hypnotherapist and essential oil lover.

I am here to remind and guide women women (especially mothers) to be more loving compassionate and kind to themselves. For I know that by doing that we become better parents, wives and the best versions of ourselves.

This matters to me DEEPLY, as I know that if we sort out our own personal issues, we can then raise a generation of well-balanced, well-aligned and open-hearted children. And truly I think that is all a mother can ask or dream for!

I use a range of tools to help women (you can read about them more below), knowing that with every single client that I work with, my aim is ALWAYS to help them engeander more self-care, self-love, intiution and self-compassion in their lives. 

Bree Taylor Molyneaux | Live from the heart

my qualifications + tools | coaching with Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Studies include

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip Clin Hyp)
  • NLP + neuro linguistics
  • personal renewal group (PRG) facilitator
  • Certified HypoBirthing practitioner + Australian Committee member
  • Certified Fertility Consultant
  • Fertile Body Method 
  • Diploma Applied Sciences – Biological
  • being a mother (the best learning path ever!)
  • and being a wife to an awake concious man
about me | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

About me

Having grown up in the surf-coast capital of Torquay (in Victoria) aside from a brief stint in chilly Ballarat I prefer the warmth and sunny weather up in Queensland these days. I reside with my family in Eatons Hill, Brisbane on the fringe of the picturesque Samford Valley on the north-western side of Brisbane’s CBD.

Way back at high school I wanted to be a psychologist (after I outgrew the fantasy of being a ballerina at five!)  but thankfully I discovered that utilising the vastness of the unconscious mind is a realm beyond the imagination of what I could even conceive back then.


Professional background

With professional experience in both the corporate world and private enterprise, nearly all of my adult life I’ve been undergoing extensive personal development at one seminar or another, reading books or listening to audios – I just love to learn!

As a result of my thirst for knowledge, I have been working and training in the personal development and mind – body industry since 2000.

In that time have been I have privileged to train with many renowned experts in psychotherapy and human performance including; world famous speaker Anthony Robbins, human performance experts Catherine and Rex at the Mind Matters Institute, Clinical Hypnotherapist David Kennedy, Marie Mongan of HynoBirthing International and more recently self-care coach Renee Trudeau.

From my time with these experts I have developed my own style of coaching + therapy based largely on Ericksonian psychotherapy + neuro-linguistic programming.  Today I continue to be passionate about helping women and their families achieve lasting change in all areas of mind and body health.

I’ve long been a food lover and health nut, but since giving birth to my son in 2010 using HypnoBirthing, my interest in food health and holistic nutrition has continued to grow. Following his birth I began teaching classes as a HypnoBirthing practitioner;  assisting birthing couples to have a calmer birth outcome.

As my understanding of being a health concious gentle parenting mother continued to be challenged as my son grew, over time I added new specialities like birth trauma and fertility hypnosis to my toolkit, eventually becoming fully certified in Hypnotherapy and Ericksonian hypnosis.

I then established a private Hypnotherapy practice in Brisbane called Aspire Hypnotherapy, and I am now recognised as an expert in providing hypnosis for women, in the areas of fertility, birth trauma and parenting with a range of albums available worldwide.


But I felt there was more I could do.

Probably because I’m a mother myself, I found that the clients I loved working with the most were women and mothers – because mothers are shaping our future leaders each and every day.

about me | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Yet we can’t raise our children to the very best of our abilities, or in an open-hearted loving way to be their very best, if we are full of our own baggage!

So I decided that one of the most powerful things I could do was help more women parent and live more authentically, happily and from their hearts, passing less of their own crap onto their kids and paving a way for a world where we all take more responsibility for ourselves.

Fast forward to 2016, and as a fully certified and experienced and Clinical Hypnotherapist I use a powerful combination of nlp coaching + hypnotherapy + psychotherapy to achieve transformational work with my female clients.

And as you may have discovered, I am incredibly passionate about helping more women be kinder to themselves so they can live in a more loving and open-hearted way, because then we can really find the contentment we are searching for.


A few personal things

Personally, I am always striving to live my life with the ideal amount of health + fun, play + work. Over the past years self-care and taking care of me even more consistently has become even more important. On the selfcare front, essential oils have become a key part of my daily self-care routine, which is partly why I am so damn passionate about them!

In my spare time I love doing yoga, hanging out at the beach or soaking up the natural world, listening to music + dancing around my kitchen at home (I did some WCS + modern jive for a few years).

Things I aspire to do in the future include getting back into horse riding (I used to compete in one day events), learning another language (French) and a musical instrument (saxophone), and travelling the world extensively.

It seems I could probably write a book about myself, so for now that will do and I hope to connect with you in person soon!!

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

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