A variation one my favourite healthy snack

Prep Time: 5 min | Makes: 20-25 medium sized balls | Difficulty: Easy


• 40g goji berries
• 60g dried cranberries
• 110g (8 pitted) medjool dates
• 110g prunes
• 160g cashews
• 40g walnuts
• 50g macadamias
• 30-45g coconut oil


1. Blend goji berries in thermomix bowl (or a blender) for 30-60 seconds on sp 9 (or until they are finely ground).

2. Add all nuts and dates, blend again about 10 seconds, sp8 until ground.

3. Add prunes and any remaining ingredients and blend until well combined (10-30 seconds)

4. Roll into balls. Coat in your preference of dessic coconut /chia seeds/ sesame seeds.

5. Refrigerate 1hr or so to firm up then eat. Perfect with a home brewed chai tea mid morning or afternoon!!

berry bliss balls | Bree Taylor MolyneauxNotes:

These are protein packed, healthy high energy treats for the whole family! The measures can easily be varied if you have more or less of certain nuts, so just judge based on the end consistency. I like my balls soft but reasonably sticky (hence the dates and prunes), because once they set they will be quite firm and filling.

Substitutes and variations: 15g supergreens powder (for an extra healthy boost), or for a chocolate variation you can add: 25g cacao powder,  90g apricots (instead of cranberries) and almonds (instead of macadamias and leave out the coconut oil).