It was Sunday July 14 when I woke and realised after breakfast I hadn’t felt ‘baby’ at all that morning. I ate breakfast and there was no movement, so I had a very cold glass of water and still nothing. During my pregnancy we placed earphones on my belly and played music to ‘bub’. He always moved when we did this but not on this morning. By this point we started to worry and agreed I would have a shower and then ring the hospital.

After ringing the hospital the midwife suggested we come in for monitoring. We arrived at the hospital late morning and on arrival I was hooked up to all sorts of machinery. For people who like to be in control our ideal birth plan suddenly started to change and we were in the middle of a ‘special circumstance!’

We were so keen to put in place the tools and techniques Bree taught us and our hope to stay at home for as long as possible, to have little intervention, and a quiet and calm environment diminished quickly. Instead all the lights were blazing, machines were everywhere, drugs and people galore. We were told it was best for the baby for me to have an emergency caesarean.The birth was completely opposite from how we had planned.

Lessoned learned: although we can plan, we can’t control everything!!!! 

Luka xmasUnfortunately when Luka was born with very low blood sugar levels and was closely monitored in a humidicrib for two days. Amanda spent the first 24 hours with Luka in the Special Care Unit while I recovered from surgery. After 8 nights in hospital Luka grew strong and healthy and we were ready to spend our first night at home as a family!

Although I didn’t get to use the breathing techniques during Luka’s birth the knowledge and practical exercises I learnt during HypnoBirthing were definitely helpful in maintaining some sense of calm. Also I found the breathing very very helpful when I had a coughing fit. My goodness that sure was painful after a caesarean!

Due to the shock and trauma of Luka’s birth I was very teary and feeling a sense of loss. Bree called me on the first Friday we were home. What a lifesaver! I cried down the phone and explained the challenges I had experienced, along with issues we were having with breastfeeding.

She reminded me of the importance of staying calm and relaxed and strongly encouraged me to listen to her Hypnosis CD for Breastfeeding. She also suggested we come to see Sharon Armstrong (Lactation Consultant) at Embrace Life, Mango Hill. We have Bree and Sharon to thank for the fact I am still exclusively breastfeeding today (months later). Due to the special circumstances we experienced in hospital we left the hospital with Luka drinking from the bottle. Again, not something we were planning!

We are very grateful to Bree for her experience and for the knowledge she shared during the HypnoBirthing course and would like to thank her for all the compassion and support after Luka’s birth. Also, for her suggestion to visit Embrace Life where we were given ongoing support relating to Luka’s weight and breastfeeding challenges.

It does get easier!

– Deb and Amanda