At heart, I’m a true Aussie girl which means that I love to go camping and get out in the bush to live the simple life, as often as possible.

Although these days our idea of escaping the world involves hooking up our camper trailer (which is almost glamping!) there is still something deeply restful about sitting by the beach, creek or fire and doing very little for a few days.

We went camping over the May long weekend for a 3 night camping escape, so naturally I took some essential oil remedies with me! Pictured is my rather generous first aid kit I had on-hand (total of 21 remedies!), however that was a little bit of overkill.

If your planning a trip into the bush or even on a plane, I found the things we used the most were as follows.


Top 10 Essential oils / blends in my First Aid Kit

Correct X – general antiseptic and healing ointment

We apply this to cuts, scrapes, burns, and any kind of wound. It can be added under a bandage, bandaid or just put on-top of a scraped knee. This gentle ointment is small and portable and contains some of doTERRAs most precious and prized skin healing oils, so it is a must-have for us whenever we leave the house. Read more about it here.

On Guard sanitizing hand spray

I used this to clean my your hands before food prep (in the absence of soap in bathrooms), or to clean my hands up after setting up the camper trailer.

This is also a handy product when your travelling through airports as it comes in a 30ml heavy plastic but slim-line spray bottle that fits easily into any handbag or carry on luggage! I keep one of these with me at all times.

Mozzie repellent recipe 1 | Bree Taylor MolyneauxTerra Armour – (repelling blend) or a DIY variation

Keep the midges at bay! Apply topically to the skin and clothing for protection against all things itchy. However, unlike chemical sprays this one may need reapplying every few hours.

Like the On Guard santitizing Spray, you can get this in a convenient 30ml ready to go spray bottle which is slim, light and convenient for travel. I also have some home-made DIY recipes like the Bug Off one for longer trips.


Purify (neutralising blend) or DIY Ouchie spray

Soothe itchy bites and stings naturally by applying a drop of Purify neat or squirting on some ouchie spray (contains Lavender, Frankincense and Tea Tree plus carrier oil) to the area of concern. Re-apply as often as needed for relief.


After sun spray | Bree Taylor MolyneauxAfter sun spray (DIY recipe)

Apply topically to the body after too much sunshine to cool and calm the skin. Contains Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint and Roman Chamomile essential oils, topped up with Fractionated coconut carrier oil or aloe vera gel.



Ice Blue (soothing blend)

Apply topically to soothe sore muscles, tight necks or lower backs, headaches or after to the shoulders after too much wood chopping!

Some people like the Ice Blue Rub (body lotion) but I mostly use a 10ml roller, unless its really hard core pain.


Peace (reassuring blend)

This is my bedtime oil so I apply it (diluted via roller) to my inner wrists, arms and neck every night as a climb into bed. It is also a helpful oil for anyone who needs emotional soothing and calming at any time during the trip.


Digest Zen (digestive blend) or Peppermint essential oil

If you have a sensitive tummy, 1 drop of DigestZen (or at a pinch Peppermint oil) can be added to a glass of water. If you prone to over eat or often find something doesn’t agree with you, this is a must have oil to have on-hand at all times!


Tantrum Tamer blend | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

The tantrum tamer (DIY blend)

Comprising of Balance (grounding blend) and Wild Orange with optional Copaiba added, this powerful blend can help move a childs tantrum through quickly, less painfully and get you back to happy holiday mode fast.

I love to wear this combo as a perfume blend most days myself since they smell really delicious together, which is helpful when you are getting a bit stinky after a few days in the bush!


Easy Air (respiratory blend)

If you have kids who can get a bit “coughy” in the cold air, take a pre-made roller of Easy Air with you.


A final 4 favourites (that I don’t leave home without!)

Lemon essential oil – for food flavouring

All day long I add a drop of lemon to my water bottle for extra flavour and alkalising, but the uses don’t stop there.

I often mix some with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and olive oil as part of a salad dressing. And in the morning I mix lemon oil with a ginger teabag, add some honey and ACV and this forms my winter morning wake up tea.

Lavender essential oil – skin soothing

In the absence of an after sun spray, reach for Lavender!

Simply apply topically (usually via a diluted roller, although its gentle enough to add a drop neat to the skin) to areas that have had too much sun or are chaffed, sore or sensitive.


Copaiba & Frankincense

I love to use both of these oils as general all-rounders. If you didn’t have Lavender or an ouchie spray, either of these oils can be used to soothe emotions or skin by applying a drop neat.

I prefer to use Frank for more inflammation reduction (internally or topically for some skin issues), while Copaiba has an woody tree like smell that I love and find soothing, so tend to reach for this more for calming the mood.


A final word

If I could only take 5 things from my list of 14 above they would be the following five, as these are used nearly every single day by me!!

  • Correct X

  • Frankincense / Copaiba 

  • Peppermint oil

  • Ice Blue 

  • Tantrum Tamer 

Using essential oils as a First Aid replacement is easy once you get the hang of it, and these carry bags pictured are small portable and go literally everywhere with me. That means my First Aid essentials are never far away!

Honestly though, the hardest thing is learning which to use for what and which oils need to be diluted, so just start slowly and rest assured it gets easier with practice.

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux





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