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What is Ceremonial Cacao

In many parts of the world Cacao is known as an incredibly sacred plant grown and cultivated in love, gratitude.

Most people think cacao is the same as cocoa what we commonly use to make chocolate with – and yes they do come from the same plant – yet their qualities and potency are vastly different.  Cacao (unlike refined cocoa or chocolate) is pure and undiluted – meaning we get the 100% potency that nature intended and can then access the spirit of mama cacao to enhance or amplify our own experiences in ceremony or in daily life.

This Sacred Cacao plant medicine comes from the potent and bitter cacao bean – where it is hand picked, loved, and then dried in the sun before being cultivated into chunks or slabs of concentrated medicine, 

Personally I use only Tribal Moon Cacao – which is a Criollo Cacao grown in Northern Peru. It is farmed in an area that is known for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest grade cacao ever known to be gifted to humankind. Tribal moon suppliers ensure the cacao is kept in it’s most purest forms from the moment it is planted, right until it is delivered to your door. That means there are NO additives, preservatives or any temperature modification.

Uses and benefits 

Pure cacao is a superfood that is chock full of antioxidants. Benefits of consuming it include getting an energy-boost or supporting mental health, its high magnesium content makes it great for exercise recovery, and its heart opening properties mean its a wonderful aphrodisiac, elevates mood, a great source of iron, a healthy alternative to Coffee, unbelievably tasty and so much more.

Tribal moon Cacao is known for being stronger than other brands of Cacao, so it is recommended you start with a smaller serve if this is your first time creating or consuming our Ceremonial Cacao. 

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Some of my regular uses of Cacao @ home include

* Add a few slivers or crumbles into a hot cup of Chai tea for an extra boost of focus, energy and clarity.  (Be sure to mix well so the Cacao dissolves!)

* Add some to a Cake for extra iron and a strong chocolate flavour

* Add some cacao nibs to smoothies or my bowl of fruit salad for some crunch and an antioxidant boost

* Making a Happy Days serve (of between 15g and 25g) to kick off my work day or when doing some Ecstatic dance at home

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