Masculine and Feminine can be highly charged words as they are often used out of context and without full understanding of their origins.

However as a Tantric practitioner, I’m going to start using these terms more often here on my social media platforms and blogs. So I thought it was best to start with a foundation to explain why I use these terms.

Most people are familiar with the words Masculine and a Feminine, but only refer to them in a highly stereotyped way.

✨Other terms that refer to these same dualities include —
Go/ Flow
Love / Consciousness
Omega / Alpha

What I want to stress though regardless of which of these terms you resonate with a what body you currently inhabit, all humans have BOTH of these energies within us

Men are not just masculine.
Women are not just feminine.

We all have an inner dance of the Yin and Yang happening inside of us at all times ☯️

🔻I often refer to this as the inner marriage🔺

For without a healthy relationship to our own inner Yin & Yang / Feminine & Masculine we can —

  1. Struggle to welcome these aspects in others that we relate with.
  2. Live a life that’s extremely out of balance with too much of either energy being played out in our lives
  3. Become co-dependant – expecting others to complete the aspect we are missing through the relationship
  4. Act from our shadows or wounded versions of either/ both energies

Thus all of the work I do with my clients is to firstly encourage a Healthier inner marriage with yourself. Once we create a sense of inner balance, inner union and know how to meet our own needs, our demands and expectations of others can change.

Suddenly we know how to fill our own cup. And then we can move to a place of creating intentional Spark/ Chemistry/ Polarity with those we chose to relate with.

This can be quite a revolutionary way to approach relationship as most of us know only patterns of co-dependancy, as that’s what we learnt from our parents 🙄.

How do you feel about your inner union?
Men.. are you comfortable giving you inner Feminine space to express?
Women… Are you comfortable with expressing your inner Warrior?



xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux


About the author

Bree Taylor Molyneaux | devotionBree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based Intimacy and Embodiment coach.  As an emerging leader in Women’s Embodiment, Tantra Sensuality and positive sexuality, Bree is passionate about living a fully embodied & present life.

A trained Embodiment Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master practitioner, HypnoBirthing® educator and Personal renewal facilitator, Bree supports men and women worldwide with 1on1 coaching, Embodiment circles and mixed gender group workshops.

She also has many online support tools including an online course for Women + hypnosis downloads available on iTunes.