doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program

Loyalty rewards = earn free oils!

doTERRA’s Loyalty Reward Program (also known as LRP)  provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered and is the most generous I have ever seen!!

As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA products. The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn – up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases!

The Loyalty Rewards Program is a great way to add new oils to your collection and to replenish oils you have used up.  The even better bonus is that this program is optional, and you can cancel at any time.

Quick overview of doTERRAs loyalty rewards 

Cool hey!

If you are loving this idea and want to understand the savings possible by Shifting your shopping to doTERRA, get a breakdown of how much you can really save with Healthy Munchkins leader, Alison. 

How to set-up YOUR loyalty rewards order

Watch this video for steps on creating your first loyalty rewards (LRP) order.


Loyalty rewards TIPS

  • Always order 50 PV to ensure you are gaining points for what you spend. Orders under 50 will not accrue any rewards points.
  • If you cannot place a 50 PV order one month, reduce your order to just one item (eg toothpaste or lipgloss) to ensure you do not loose your points. You can then increase your order again the following month or when convenient
  • Shift your shopping! That means try to replace items from home that you buy elsewhere (eg Shampoo, skincare, toothpaste, washing liquid) as these items will help increase your monthly point spend so you earn 10% or more back each month instead of much less through other reward systems like a Woolworths.
  • If you can, order 125 PV by 15th of the month to get the FREE product of the month included in your order!


Happy shopping and happy savings!

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux