Emotional aromatherapy collection

You may know I’m a huge fan of emotional wellbeing and looking after ourselves by being mindful of self-care. This combination of emotional support oils have been carefully formulated to support both mind and body and get results fast.


This collection of oil blends includes

  • doTERRA Cheer
  • doTERRA Motivate
  • doTERRA Passion
  • doTERRA Peace
  • doTERRA Console
  • doTERRA Forgive


Each oil blend has a different purpose, but the names of them provide great insight into the emotions they can assist us with.

All of these blends can be used both topically (usually diluted with a carrier oil or made into a ready-made roller) or diffused for a wider spread reach.


Some of my favourite uses for this collection are

doTERRA Cheer

Apply to pulse points and heart when you need to bring some joy, happiness or hope into your day. Diffuse for a more subtle effect or to create a cheerful space in the home or office

doTERRA Motivate

Use then you need to get going in the morning (diffuse) or apply to pulse points for a quick motivational boost for cleaning, work or as needed

doTERRA Passion

Diffuse or apply topically to bring some inspiration or unleash your passion for life, your work and yourself. Lovely as a “sexy time perfume blend” this spicy aroma will get your juices going!

doTERRA Peace

Apply topically to the wrists, heart, and temples for immediate calming and mind clearing at bedtime, or when doing restorative yoga practice. Apply to the back of neck and ears for little people who are unsettled, anxious or needing to restore inner peace and calm. Diffuse for a calm aroma anytime of day I love this one best at bedtime.

doTERRA Console

Diffuse to create a comforting soothing space for anyone who’s has a bumpy emotional day. Apply topically to the pulse points behind ears, on wrists and around the heart for comfort and feelings on being consoled. Useful for grief support, trauma recovery and as a reminder to be gentle with ourselves.

doTERRA Forgive

Apply topically to the heart and wrists to give yourself permission to embrace forgiveness at self or another, self-compassion and more easily move through feelings of resentment or anger. Diffuse as needed for soothing and support, and can be nice combined with Console in a diffuser.

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