If you are keen to get some oils into your life but are on a budget, this mini starter set with 5ml bottles and 10 oils (plus free Smart and Sassy) is a solid place to begin.

When it comes to overhauling the family medicine cabinet, this kit is the simplest smallest place to start when it comes to exploring the world of essential oils, and it includes wholesale membership so you get all my support, recipes and guidance on everyday uses.


The Family Essentials kit with Smart n Sassy for $174 Au (wholesale)

This kit comes with 10 x 5ml bottles, 1 x 15ml bottles

Family Essential kit box front | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Family Essentials kit includes:

5 x doTERRA blends

  • Ice Blue (apply topically to tight, sore or strained muscles)
  • DigestZen (apply topically to the stomach for fast relief, or add to water and drink before or after a meal)
  • Easy Air (diffuse in the bedroom for a well rested sleep in winter, or apply topically to the chest and upper back)
  • OnGuard (diffuse all day round in germ season, make your own hand spray, or apply topically to the spine, base of feet and back of neck preventatively)
  • Smart n Sassy in a 15ml bottle (add this oil to your water for pre and post workout energy, as a boost for a sluggish metabolism or to keep you going between meals. Apply topically to the skin targeting problem areas)

6 x individual essential oils

  • Frankincense (the King of oils, great for skin, soothing emotions, diffused for a calmer room and many other things!)
  • Lemon (add to your cleaning products, water bottle or salad dressing, and lovely diffused for a positive lift)
  • Lavender (diffuse to calm the room, add to your bath, or apply topically)
  • Peppermint (diffuse for an uplift, apply topically for muscle relief)
  • Tea Tree (add to your cleaning products, or apply topically to irritated skin)
  • Oregano (great for germ fighting, take internally with a veggie capsule)

Family Essentials kit | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Join me for ‘Live’ walk through of the Family Essentials kit


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Want more info?

I am here to help you find the perfect kit for your budget and needs, so if the Family Essentials collection isn’t it the right one for you then you can read about other starter kits here or get in touch with me and we can chat further!

You can also explore more uses for essential oils I have a growing range of blog topics hereContact me if you don’t have oils in your life yet because they can be a real game changer!!

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