Conception + fertility coaching

Are you struggling to have a baby?
Is your plan for pregnancy not going as expected?

Would you like support to shift what is going on inside, so you can experience the family you have always wanted?

Unexplained fertility, concerns about having another miscarriage or contemplating IVF, can be a rollercoaster ride.

As a woman who prefers a natural approach to life, you probably know that stress isn’t great for you, yet it can be hard to overcome during this time.


I am here to help you change how you think + feel about conceiving.

I will help you break free of your emotional ups and downs as you get back to a place of positivity confidence, so you are more open to a pregnancy happening.

Let me help you navigate your unconscious mind and embrace the potential inside.

+ Get tools to navigate emotionally challenging days, while restoring trust in yourself and your body.
+ Re-discover your potential for pregnancy so the process is one of ease and enjoyment.
+ Break free from the worries, stresses and daily monitoring of your body
+ Return to a place where you are a happy, healthy relaxed woman who is ready to welcome a baby into her life.

Why me?Bree 53.jpg web

My gift is to quickly identify what is holding you back and what you need.

We will then create a plan to overcome your emotional / mental blocks to fertlity, pregnancy and motherhood.

I like to keep things simple which means I will say it like it is  in a down-to-earth way that you can understand. 

I will provide a compassionate space for you to break free of your unconscious limitations, fears and stresses.

And I have a wide range of tools and extensive experience at my disposal.

I am honoured to have clients that get real life-changing results, and LOVE working with women who want to achieve this in their lives.

Keen to hear what others think about working with me?

Hear from some of my happy clients.

Bree is a hidden gem within Brisbane and I am so glad I found her.

After a failed IVF attempt, I had completely lost confidence and trust in my body’s ability to conceive and carry a baby.  My outlook was very pessimistic and I felt anxious and exhausted. Bree was able to support me unlock unexpressed emotions and literally by the end of my first session, I felt considerably more positive and confident.

As a result, the process of trying to conceive has become a lot less stressful and life feels lighter and enjoyable again.  The knowledge I now have, has spilled over into other areas of my life and I feel much more content about issues I have struggled with for years.

Bree is incredibly talented, compassionate, insightful and generous with her support and time.  I really look forward to each session with her.  She has a toolkit full of knowledge, skills and therapies beyond what I’d expected.

Thank you so much Bree – I am truly so grateful to you.


natural + assisted fertility

I’m feeling more positive than ever about our conception journey which I would like to thank you for.

I also note the fact I produced 2 follicles this cycle which is a miracle in its self ( I was considered a non-responder to the IVF treatment previously). Again I attribute this to the work you have done with me.

Thanks for everything.


IVF + assisted conception

Fertility coaching package

After we have met each other for an initial session to confirm if we want to work together, we then discuss coaching packages.

I offer three-month packages to support and guide you towards mind-body balance. This three-month approach ensures the results you gain are truly transformational, holistic and lasting.

package inclusions: 

+ three months of 1-on-1 support via fortnightly coaching sessions 

+ access to my range of hypnosis albums, fertility downloads and stress reducing tools for women 

+ phone and email support as needed

+ my wealth of experience, knowledge and a commitment to fully support you 

fertility package investment + pricing

My three month coaching package is available via three options

// paid upfront or monthly = $325 a month or $975 upfront

// paid monthly PLUS attendance at a self-care retreat weekend = $608 per month

Get your mind and body back on the same page so conception isn’t a struggle anymore. Enjoy worrying less as you release unconscious blocks and get back to being content with life again now.

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I look forward to assisting you towards your goal of a healthy pregnancy

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