If you’ve been reading my oil blogs with interest and thought about getting your hands on some dōTERRA oils at some stage, this is a great month to do it!

If you are an Australia resident, then this September when join dōTERRA with a starter kit (or custom order of 200 points or more) you will get the Ice Blue Rub and Ice Blue essential oil blend (worth $107) totally FREE!

Plus when you join my team you will get a welcome gift from me, a 1on1 welcome session and ongoing support and education on how to use your oils, all for FREE.


200 PV Sept promo | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

What’s Ice Blue?

Ice blue is a muscle relief blend similar to Dencorub and Deep Heat but made with essential oils (not synthetic copies) which means this blend offers fast acting and long lasting relief while it penetrates deep into the body to encourage healing and repair.

Modern medicine tends to focus largely on relief from pain (ie symptoms) but any holistic professional will tell you we also need to treat also the root cause of the issue. Essential oils do this amazingly as they work with the bodies natural healing abilities and support its mechanism to self-repair.

The FREE oils on offer this month are based on the Ice Blue blend which contains Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus Essential oils, this blend is popular with athletes and exercise lovers.

Many chiropractors and sports therapists I know use this blend on their clients with great results as it is both warming and cooling, while being non greasy. Read more about the Ice Blue blend here


Here’s how we use these oils

Ice Blue ‘Rub’

  • Apply it directly to problem areas (usually a large area of the body) as needed eg lower back, calves, thighs
  • Apply before and after exercise (like hiking or running)
  • Apply after hubby has had a big day at work and is feeling tense or tight
  • Apply after a big yoga class if I’m sore the next day
  • Apply to tight areas of the body after a massage or chiro treatment
  • Apply to lower back, shoulders or knees after a big day of gardening!
  • I often apply to my lower hips and back when they get tight around my “moon cycle”
  • Can be used during labour too


There’s many more uses, but I think you get the idea… best of all you only need a small amount to feel the relief as it spreads easily and the non greasy formula makes it pleasant to apply.


  • This blend is not for ingestion.
  • Avoid broken skin or sensitive areas of the body (nose, eyes, genitals).
  • As it is quite warming I don’t tend to use it on my son (8 years) but some people do. I prefer to use a home made roller on children as these are more diluted.


Ice Blue essential oil blend (5ml bottle)

Unlike the Rub, this pure essential oil blend needs diluting with a carrier oil (we use Fractionated Coconut) before applying topically. Uses are largely the same as for the Ice Blue Rub, however you can also:

  • Dilute this blend for use on children to soothe growing bodies
  • I often make an Ice Blue roller blend with Frankincense or Copaiba added and apply to the neck and upper shoulders after doing computer work.
  • Carry a pre-made 10ml Ice Blue roller around in my first aid kit for anytime relief
  • reapply as often as needed (eg. hourly) for ongoing relief


Keen to get these free Ice Blue oils?

So the next question is; which starter kit should you get?

I have a detailed section talking about the starter kits here, but I would usually recommend you consider either the Home Essentials Kit $330 (plus a Fractionated Coconut oil) or the AromaTouch kit $242 (plus a diffuser or Lavender Peace Blend), so you qualify for the FREE Ice Blue products mentioned above.

You can also assemble your own kit (as long you as spend 200 points worth) but the above kits are already very discounted meaning you get even more savings on-top of this months new member freebies detailed above (open to Australian residents only).

Got questions?

Get in touch with me to arrange a phone consult about which oils or kit is best for your family this September!


Already have doTERRA oils?

Simply place a 200 PV LRP order via your account in September and you will get the above freebies too!!


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