Hear from some of the amazing women I have been privileged to coach + support.

When I first went to Bree I was unsure about what to expect. I had been to many practitioners over the years, but never a hypnotherapist or nlp coach. After the first session, I was certain that Bree had a unique and transformative skill.

Her ability to unravel complex issues and reveal the core elements is truly amazing. In this way, you are able to work through life’s challenges in a deep and meaningful way, and bring about enduring change.

I have been seeing Bree for a number of years now, and I continue to gain an enormous amount from each and every session. I feel incredibly blessed that I crossed paths with Bree and have been able to do some truly momentous work with her.

- Angie Kelly

celebrant and mum, Vivid Ceremonies

I worked with Bree to resolve a range of issues over 12 months and seeing Bree has been one of the best things I have done for my total body and mind health. I was feeling quite damaged and emotionally vulnerable about the whole fertility journey.

Bree worked with me to help me heal from my previous birth and breastfeeding trauma, fertility obstacles and other life issues, always providing understanding and empathy. I realise now I was in a pretty bad way, but Bree helped me enormously.

Along the journey Bree has helped me with anxiety, sleep issues and given me tools to live each day in a more positive way. In truth she has supported me all the way and my life continues to improve.

Thank you so much Bree

- Julie

anxiety + fertility

Since our first session I noticed so many changes and positive improvements.

Now at our final session together almost three months later, I find myself even further along toward my goal than I ever imagined I could be!

Thank you for all the help. I am now living a healthier life and really enjoying it!

- Kerry

weightloss, food + lifestyle changes

I’m feeling more positive than ever about our conception journey which I would like to thank you for.

I also note the fact I produced 2 follicles this cycle which is a miracle in its self ( I was considered a non-responder to the IVF treatment previously). Again I attribute this to the work you have done with me.

Thanks for everything

- Tracy

IVF + assisted conception

Throughout my second pregnancy I was finding myself getting very stressed and anxious about the upcoming birth after a difficult experience last time.

Over three sessions, Bree helped me to feel much calmer, to sleep better and to get more excited about the arrival of my baby.

I also found her take home hypnosis CD’s very helpful in getting better quality of sleep and to feel more positive and calm about the planned caesarean of my son.

While recovering in hospital I was even surprised to find it was the hypnosis CDs that helped me rest much more deeply than the pain medication!

- Rebecca

pregnancy anxiety + caesarean preparation

Thank you Bree for your support as I prepared for my second labour + birth.

You helped me to heal and release much of the fear that I had following the birth of my first daughters complicated birth, resulting in post traumatic stress and post natal depression.

The private work we did along with the HypnoBirthing tools, gave me the confidence that I needed to approach labour in a relaxed way, and trust that my body could birth my baby naturally.

I am so grateful to have experienced a natural and peaceful birth this time around. It’s made such a difference to myself and my family, and has been a much better start to mothering than last time.

Your personalised attention and care for me during my preparations made all the difference to me.

- Susanne

birth trauma + HypnoBirthing preparation

Since seeing Bree, it has amazed me how in a matter of months my life has turn around in a positive way!

After doing years of counselling to work on these issues I was really at my wits end, but Bree has helped me find freedom and safety again. And through achieving this I have also become much more calm and confident within myself in all areas of my life.

I look forward to where our next session will take me!

- Sheree

sexual trauma

Coming up to the birth of my fourth child I was filled with dread and feeling quite anxious after having a very painful and difficult experience last time.

I have been amazed at the results I have had from just one session with you and the follow up CD.

I am feeling so much more relaxed and excited about the upcoming birth. Thank you!

- Mandy

birth preparation

Wow, thank you Bree!

It is so nice to have the confidence and freedom to enjoy my life again.

Within only a few sessions I noticed a massive difference in how I felt, acted and how I lived my life. Thank you for your support and these powerful mind-body approaches you use, you have really helped me live with ease and playfulness again.

- Rachael

relationships + self confidence

The work I have done with Bree has literally transformed me in so many ways. After several months of regular sessions together something suddenly shifted and I was coping better, looking at life more positively and not getting angry or depressed like I used to do.

Instead all the changes we had worked through resulted in a happier me, even if life doesn’t go the way I plan it every time.

Thank you Bree, I value your support.

- Jennifer

depression + self esteem

Bree is a hidden gem within Brisbane and I am so glad I found her.

After a failed IVF attempt, I had completely lost confidence and trust in my body’s ability to conceive and carry a baby.  My outlook was very pessimistic and I felt anxious and exhausted. Bree was able to support me unlock unexpressed emotions and literally by the end of my first session, I felt considerably more positive and confident.

As a result, the process of trying to conceive has become a lot less stressful and life feels lighter and enjoyable again.  The knowledge I now have, has spilled over into other areas of my life and I feel much more content about issues I have struggled with for years.

Bree is incredibly talented, compassionate, insightful and generous with her support and time.  I really look forward to each session with her.  She has a toolkit full of knowledge, skills and therapies, which extend far beyond just hypnotherapy.  I’ve also attended her mini retreats, which I would highly recommend.

Thank you so much Bree – I am truly so grateful to you.

- Rhiannon


Some HypnoBirthing stories

I loved my birth experiences. The initial HypnoBirthing course with Bree gave my husband and I the foundations for a better birth and got so much value out of the classes and listening to the birth affirmations and relaxation CD daily.

This is such an amazing tool to have! Child birth is a miracle and so is HypnoBirthing!

Bree was excellent at being able to journey with every couple in the group sessions and she explained the techniques so well. I found her to be very calm and have much respect for her passion about natural birth, it really gave me the confidence I needed.

For my second birth I practiced my breathing and was much more in-tune and confident resulting in a pain free birth with no tearing – I was so proud of myself that I breathed baby down!!

- Sherie

HypnoBirthing mum of two

Our perfect baby girl was born at home straight into our arms with our amazing midwives by our side.  We are on cloud nine and still deciding on a name.

It was everything I could have hoped for and the labour was quick (under 4 hours!). I am so pleased I had HypnoBirthing to bring back my focus when I felt like I was losing it!

My husband was fabulous too; cool as a cucumber although afterwards he said he was a little nervous when he could see the head coming and the midwife hadn’t arrived yet but he certainly didn’t let me know that. He was rock solid, such a great birth support companion.

- Matilda

HypnoBirthing homebirth mama

Overall I am very proud and happy of with how our birth went, and especially that I achieved the natural birth I’d wanted.

I am so glad we had the HypnoBirthing techniques – these gave me lots of confidence going into labour and allowed me to achieve the natural birth Id dreamt of without ever asking for drugs. They also equipped my husband Michael to be a wonderful birth companion.

- Libby

HypnoBirthing mum

Bree, I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and we’ve called her Macy Elizabeth and she is a dream!

As you may know, while I really, really wanted to believe in the idea of a somewhat bearable labour with minimal painy (hence doing HypnoBirthing with you), I was still very skeptical it was possible for me.

I remember telling you that my two goals of this labour were to not feel like I wanted to die and not vomit continuously. Well, not only did I achieve both of those goals, but I also actually enjoyed parts of my labour!!! Both you and I know that I was pretty relaxed with my practice, however in the last few weeks I practised my breathing daily and  listened the the affirmations. I also went to sleep listening to the rainbow relaxation.

My labour was a lot longer than it was with my first child, however because I was calm during the early and mid stages, I was able to stay focused and it was relatively easy to manage. Just the simple act of ‘breathing’ did wonders and I finally understood what people were saying when they say after the birth you just want to do it again – because that’s exactly how I felt.

It’s incredible what birth is supposed to be like when we trust our bodies and our hormones work for us, rather than against. It was a completely different birthing experience this time around, despite it being longer!

What a fabulous service you provide, when even skeptical women like myself can have such empowering, calm experiences.

I also don’t know if it is because of the birth (and pregnancy), or just coincidence, but Macy is a much, much calmer baby than Ella was. She is incredibly easy going and happy.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support and guidance.  I’ll definitely recommend you and HypnoBirthing to other pregnant mummies. It is worth every cent!

- Natalie

HypnoBirthing mum

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