Homeopathy is perfect for women in their childbearing years because it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine.

During pregnancy, some women prefer to live with the discomforts and minor complaints, such as morning sickness or constipation, rather than seek treatment due to the concerns over the possible adverse effects of conventional medicines on their unborn child. The use of drugs during pregnancy and labour has given rise to increasing concerns, as the baby inevitably receives doses of these drugs, which can disturb its development – short and long term. Homeopathy provides the answer.

Homeopathy is not an orthodox medical diagnosis that merely uses Homeopathic medicines instead of drugs. Homeopathy takes everything about the individual into consideration, not just the presenting complaint. We look at lifestyle issues such as sleep, appetite, thirst etc as well as your temperament, health and family history. It is how your condition uniquely impresses on you, how it affects you as a whole, that leads to the correct medicine and prescription. Homeopaths look at the entire person, not just the condition or affected part. The same problem manifests differently in each individual, and without close attention to these differences, permanent wellness is not possible.

Homeopathic medicines contain only minute amounts of the active ingredient thus minimising the risk of toxicity. It stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself and by increasing the vitality of a pregnant woman, the benefits are automatically passed onto her baby. Being healthy throughout pregnancy ensures optimum conditions for the baby to thrive.

Children respond exceptionally well to Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is a particularly attractive option for parents who are keen to choose a system of medicine for their child that is natural, gentle and extremely effective.

Unlike conventional drugs that are given as a standard course, Homeopathic treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual, and only a minimum amount of stimulation needs to be given in order to begin the healing process. With Homeopathy a little goes a long way and one small pilule or a few drops can have amazing results.

Apart from the adverse effects of conventional drugs, especially in children, they also fail to address the cause of the problem. Medications such as antibiotics and steroid creams may indeed suppress the symptoms, however it is more often the case that as a result the condition recurs or becomes chronic in nature.


Homeopathy is very effective in alleviating physical conditions such as endometriosis for example, that may prevent or make conception difficult. Emotional and lifestyle issues are also addressed not only to overcome infertility hurdles but also to ensure that a healthy pregnancy, complication-free birth and smooth transition into motherhood is achieved.

Homeopaths have found that the women they have treated prior to conception rarely get morning sickness in pregnancy and are more likely to have a natural, problem free labour.


For most women, pregnancy is a wonderful time of discovery and growth, as well as a mixture of anticipation and excitement, not only the of the impending birth, but of the future as a Mother. Pregnancy is not of course, an illness, however, there are sometimes discomforts and imbalances that occur that can make “blossoming” a difficult task. Many of these difficulties are easily overcome with the use of Homeopathy, which is safe and effective for both you and your growing baby.

Whether it be a pregnancy related problem such as morning sickness, constipation, haemorrhoids or general exhaustion, to pre-existing conditions that can no longer be treated by conventional methods due to the possible adverse affects to your baby, Homeopathy can help. Many women find Homeopathy a literal godsend when pregnant, as relief from complaints can be found and maintained without risk or complications.


There are a number of complications that can arise during childbirth. In many cases the key to avoiding such problems comes in the form of good preparation. There are many Homeopathic medicines that can be used before, during and after the birth process to eliminate complicated situations from arising or to alleviate them if they do. Many orthodox physicians these days see birth as a surgical solution to a nine-month disease. Of particular concern is are that statistics that show that one intervention inevitably leads to another, and at the same time increasing the health risks to Mothers and babies.

Of course prompt medical care is needed in high-risk situations for the health of both Mother and baby, but the unnecessary interventions in the birthing process in many cases are turning normal deliveries into medical emergencies. This has lead to the unfortunate situation where women are now opting for caesareans rather than a natural birth because of the fear that has been instilled in them. They have been lead to believe a natural birth is not only unavoidably painful but also risky and unhygienic – nothing could be further from the truth.

The experience of childbirth is different from person to person, it is as individual as the individual herself. Homeopathic medicines can help with bruise and tear prevention, muscle tone, re-positioning of the foetus and anticipatory anxiety before birth. During labour, problems such as cervix rigidity and limited dilation, pain management, retained placenta and heavy bleeding can be addressed. After the birth, Homeopathy is very effective in cases of prolapse, infection and wound healing.

Homeopathic medicines help facilitate the delivery process. They can prevent problems during labour, decrease delivery time and increase pain threshold, all leading to a more satisfying childbirth experience.


Mother’s have a lot to contend with in the first few weeks of their new baby’s life. Even if your labour is complication free and you and your baby are both physically well, adjusting to the role of motherhood is not always a happy or easy one. Homeopathy has many benefits in the weeks and months following labour. There have been countless successful results using Homeopathy for physical complaints such as mastitis, cracked nipples and other breastfeeding related complaints like a low supply of milk or perhaps an overabundance of it.

Exhaustion and fatigue are also common complaints of Mother’s with new babies and are also easily addressed with Homeopathy. Sometimes new Mother’s have to cope with negative feelings about themselves or towards their baby in the early weeks and months. Although this problem is not talked about freely, many women struggle with these emotions and feel very alone at this time. Once again Homeopathy is there to help.


Children have a tendency to fall ill dramatically but also to bounce back very quickly. Parents should follow their instincts when it comes to their children’s health and seek professional help when the child’s condition moves beyond the realm of home treatment.

Children suffer from a wide range of ailments while their little bodies are learning to cope with disease. It is not always a good idea to suppress these symptoms because the body of a growing child is learning and acquiring resistance to disease by means of earaches, fevers and other minor illnesses of childhood, which are provoking and inviting an immune response.

Childhood illnesses are therefore, part of the growing up process and a child who is able to cope with these challenges naturally will be laying the foundation for a healthy maturity and a strong, illness free adulthood.


There are so many childhood complaints that have been successfully treated with Homeopathy. These include colic, difficult and delayed teething, sleeping problems and behavioural and learning difficulties. There are many times during childhood when generally healthy children become sick or injured. During these times, some parents resort to prescription medication, or reach for over the counter pharmaceutical drugs such as paracetamol, laxatives, cough mixture, and ear and eye drops to name a few.

Although these chemical based products may give immediate or short-term relief to children, many parents are now looking to natural remedies to alleviate these problems. Whether it be to heal without side effects or treat the condition by taking the cause into account so permanent relief can be obtained, without just suppressing the symptoms, Homeopathy is a valid and effective option.


Often children suffer very much on an emotional level. A pet dying, a special playmate moving away, a new baby in the house, moving school or house and schoolyard bullying, can all be deeply upsetting to a child. This is an area where Homeopathy can be particularly useful. Homeopathic prescribing can solve an underlying problem which might otherwise fester and affect the child’s outlook on life.

The problem your child has may be due to either psychological or physiological causes. An unresolved emotional issue can affect a child’s physical health and conversely, if a child has biochemical deficiencies or imbalances, it can affect their mental outlook. This is why Homeopathy is called “wholistic” – it takes all aspects into consideration. Homeopathy does not separate emotional reactions from physical symptoms, as they are both equally valid and part of the total expression of the child.


Health care worldwide is undergoing great change as many people realise that there is more to health than being physically fit and obtaining adequate nutrition. Innovative techniques in surgery and “miracle” drugs improve some lives but continuing chronic illness, such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, allergies, emotional and mental disturbance, are the fate of many more.

Homeopathy also offers a method of maintaining health and preventing illness. It is a subtle and effective form of medicine that can correct small imbalances long before the appearance of more serious symptoms, which denote a particular disease. It is not necessary for a Homeopath to wait for a conventional diagnosis before treatment can commence. Many illnesses can be “nipped in the bud” and the patient swiftly restored to health before a serious disease appears.

People who have had homeopathic treatment generally find that their state of health and wellbeing has improved. They are better able to resist infection and have a greater sense of stability and individual purpose in life. These improvements are surely the steps in the right direction towards real health.

written by Rachael Gleeson Adv.Dip.Hlth.Sc. (Hom)