Birth of Dominic

Hi Bree!

I’ve birthed at 39+1! I went into labour at about 5am yesterday and birthed Dominic at 12:04pm today. Drug free!

Things were very slow to begin with, the only intervention was having my waters broken but at that point I was very comfortable with it. The midwives were impressed with my calm and strong approach to the labour.

I really felt calm between surges; I got a fair bit of rest in there because I was so relaxed.

Thank you so much for the classes – I definitely got the outcome I was after with HypnoBirthing!

My mum was an amazing support person too.

– Liz

Hypnobaby Dominic

Hypnobaby Dominic


The Birth of Leo

Hi Bree

Little Leo James arrived at 8pm 25/11/14 after a 16 hour labour.

Birthing was a very positive experience, used my surge breathing, birth breathing and the alphabet relaxation technique. We used gas and morphine as pain relief and even managed a little sleep.

All in all definitely think HypnoBirthing made me alot more calm.

I am extremely happy with the birth of my baby boy, thankyou so much for your help.

– Gemma and Leo

HypnoBirthing baby Leo

HypnoBirthing baby Leo