Allow me to re-introduce myself .. My name is Bree, and I don’t even know where to begin 🤔

You see I used to describe myself as a mother, a wife, and a natural health advocate – leading others on a path towards self-care.

But about 15 months ago my life underwent an overhaul – I experienced two life changing events which literally bought me to my knees – my only sibling died suddenly, and my long term partnership of 17 years ended. 

The not so accidental collision of these transformative events threw my entire life into question. And suddenly I no longer wanted to be focused on building a life 5 years ahead, while slowly dying inside today… I wanted to FEEL as much as possible in every moment of now. Here and now. To really LIVE. Today.

As a result, I chose to surrender into my souls knowing that there was so much more to this life than how I had been been living.. It’s like I was suddenly “out of the Matrix” in a whole new way. Like I’d taken that pill and just could not go back to seeing the world the way I once did.

And so my journey into living a more embodied Tantric life began 🧘☯

Because as much as Tantra and embodiment had been part of my knowledge base for many many years, it was not previously founded enough in the entirety of my being.

It was not a daily habit, routine, ritual, or a lifestyle.


It seems I needed to let many parts of my ego “die”, in order to fully step into who I’m truly here to be now …

And so began an incredibly deep dive into “self”, by releasing old limiting beliefs about relationships, examining my views on sexuality, and finding ways to welcome the parts of myself that I’d hidden in the Shadows and avoided for way too long. 🖤

This set me on a path to begin to truly relish the full spectrum of my Feminine gifts in ways I’d always wanted to but didn’t know HOW to. And for the first time at-least 15 years, I truly gave myself over to the mystery and fully surrendered to life. Not just for a moment in time, but day after day, I surrendered.

I stopped trying to plan, create, manifest and control and I just let life move me, while I felt all of it … every bit of pain and sadness and challenge and grief that was dormant inside my body just waiting to be felt, for all those years.

And life took me on a journey. She shattered my heart completely, then obliterated it wide open. And suddenly (it felt like it was overnight) I became an alive, embodied awake woman.

Now things I’d been seeking have just begun to come to me – effortlessly.

Every day was suddenly a gift.

Gratitude flowed from me freely.

My experience of pleasure, sensuality and my capacity to be blissful with the simplest aspects of life were mind blowing.

This is literally the kind of spiritual awakening people talk about … and I suddenly found I was right in the middle of my own.


What all this means now 15 months later, is that the person I am in this moment, is drastically different to the person you may have met. I feel so much more alive in every moment than I ever did, and I have no desire to go back into that mindless sleep.

That old me – she died a spiritual death and from her ashes rose a more embodied heart connected woman, who let’s her inner knowing guide her.

So today I’m here to re-introduce myself :

My name is Bree Innana
I am a Tantric woman
I am an evolving teacher in embodiment and positive sexuality 
And I am here to live my souls truth more wildly and unapologetically than ever.

Pleased to meet you

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux


About the author

Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based women’s Intimacy and Embodiment coach with an emerging specialty of self love, self acceptance and sensuality.

As an emerging leader in Women’s Embodiment, Tantra Sensuality and positive sexuality, Bree is passionate about living a fully embodied & present life.

As a trained Embodiment Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master practitioner, HypnoBirthing® educator and Personal renewal facilitator, Bree supports women worldwide with 1on1 coaching, women’s embodiment circles, and through her hypnosis downloads available on iTunes. You can also Read more of her blogs on a range of topics here.