I got an email earlier this year from my self-care mentor Renee Trudeau talking about signs of when she is in/out of balance and it really rang true for me…

It resonated because I believe that success leaves clues and our daily habits /routines are a big part of what creates and maintains a healthy balance of self-care. While this balance is always important, it is especially so as we approach the ‘silly season’ of Christmas, so you can be aware of how to use your beneficial habits to reduce or maintain stress.

Today I am sharing what happens when I’m IN BALANCE or OUT OF BALANCE with my self-care practices, to give you ideas of ways you can implement some for yourself.

What lets me know I’m OUT of balance?

These things fall off my daily /weekly routine:

  • my body feels stiff or tight due to lack or exercise / yoga / stretching / dancing
  • lots of uneaten food in the fridge; when busy I cook less vege meals /salads / dont have a meal plan
  • to busy to connect;  I don’t make time to call/connect / catch-up with my friends or family enough
  • email piles up on the inbox, due to not reading, responding or deleting them
  • not enough quality time with my loved ones – when I’m too busy I am less present for
    my son / husband

Ask yourself now; What are the signs in your life that something is out of balance??

  • how does your body feel?

  • whats your emotional state like?

  • what do you do more / less of?

Conversely when I’m IN BALANCE I make the following part of my routine:

  • 10 min of yoga / stretching upon waking
  • walk the dog each afternoon and have playtime with my son
  • cook lots of healthy meals and yummy snacks, or at-least have a meal-plan mapped out
  • be present with my son and husband, so we have more fun and laughter
  • play music in the car while driving or at home
  • schedule regular unwind time such as a relaxing bath or restorative yoga at-least once a fortnight after dinner
  • stay in touch with my friends/family with regular catch-ups and social interaction


tips for more balanced self care | Bree Taylor MolyneauxNow over to you with some questions:

  1. What are the things that you that help you MAINTAIN your balance? Think about things that after doing help you feel calmer, happier, healthier etc..

  2. What stops you from doing these things when you get busy or stressed?

  3. How can you put at-least one of your ‘in-balance” activities /routines in-place daily to support you in having more balance through the Nov-Dec-Jan silly season?

  4. What would a simple version of that routine look most days?


Remember; Success leaves clues in the form of our daily habits!

By putting better habits in place we can more fully create the kind of life we want, so things happen daily with more ease, health, joy, and much less work and stress.

This is the reason why self-care is important – for as we create daily habits, rituals and routines that help us maintain balanced self-care habits, these habit become a new default.  That means we just start to do them AUTOMATICALLY!

And wouldn’t that be useful!??? That’s all from me today.

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux




About the author
Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based womens therapist + transformational happiness coach + HypnoBirthing® practitioner + personal renewal facilitator + mother + wife. She founded Aspire Hypnotherapy, coaches women across a wide range of areas, runs restorative + self-care retreats, and has a range of and hypnosis downloads available on iTunes. Read more about Bree here.

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