Essential oils – have you heard people talking about them

and wondered; whats all the fuss??? 


why Im loving essential oils | Bree Taylor MolyneauxTo be brutally honest, I was unsure what all the fuss was about essential oils  for quite some time!!

However as a natural health advocate and researcher of all things ‘healthy’ I eventually got educated enough to suddenly understand why essential oils are attracting the attention of so many people around the world.

Once I realised that essential oils have potent therapeutic benefits (and are more than just nice smelly things), they became an obvious addition to my already ‘chemical free’ lifestyle. But I also discovered not all oils are the same, and that choosing to use essential oils means learning about:

  • how they are sourced
  • if they are chemical free
  • the purity and potency
  • and how to use them !!

I’ve done most of the research for you, so if you want to save yourself some time read on. Otherwise please go and research yourself – education is a powerful vehicle for empowered health!

Why go natural?

MUST have essential oils for families | Bree Taylor MolyneauxWhen we use holistic health methodologies with the intention to create the best possible health through daily, habitual proactive measures we each given a chance to have true wellness.

There are many benefits to transitioning our bodies, homes and families towards more natural effective products. Not only can we begin to see the benefits of daily use, but as we implement empowered health choices and a better quality of life we teach our children to do the same.

In some ways or even more importantly, the families who really embrace these oils fully begin to truly save money on a wide range of pharmaceutical and cleaning products, by shifting their shopping to lower tox products. Learn more about the benefits of removing toxins from the home here.

Personally, the thing I have loved so much about integrating essential oils into our home, was finding that we can soothe muscular discomforts, head tension, tummy upsets and more, naturally. And once we had a base kit of oils, most the remedies we needed were always sitting there for when we need them – which means no more trips to the chemist!!

The real clincher for me was when my husband – who can be quite skeptical – started reaching for oils as a daily solution that was when I honestly knew they really do work!!

Over the years since doTERRA first came into our home, my family now has a range of ready made essential oil remedies and daily routines which assist us with getting a better nights sleep, immune support, mood balancing and focus during the day.  

Having tried many natural solutions during my life, it is truly refreshing to find some that REALLY WORK and are a fraction of the cost of most other natural solutions. Best of all, our family is empowered to listen to our bodies and intuition even more, so we are less reliant on external experts to guide our health needs; except in true emergencies.

Natural remedies for children and families | Bree Taylor Molyneaux + Loving oils

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dōTERRA means “Gift of the Earth” – and this rapidly growing company are doing truly amazing things in terms of empowering people to be proactive with their own health using plant medicine and natural products.

It is interesting to discover the essential oils industry is not well regulated, which means people can claim all kinds of things but have no proof to back it up. So some of the key reasons that I choose doTERRA include:

  • Purity and potency  – these oils are organic, chemical free and very potent
  • Sourcing – how the oils are grown and extracted affects their healing powers and therapeutic properties
  • Sustainability – integrity and not over harvesting is important so we can respect and work with our planet 


Purity & potency

Like any ethical professional in the public arena, I am cautious to put my name behind a company. Whats interesting about this company though is that I’ve been amazed how many other high profile, ethical, conscious health experts  have done that very thing!

For me, I choose to use dōTERRA oils as they are the PUREST ON THE PLANET and are above both organic and food grade standards. That means there are no fillers, no preservatives, no additives, no chemicals. Just 100% pure plant extract – extracted in the gentlest way possible. doTERRA’s quality assurance methods are the highest I’ve found, and they also use third party independent testing to ensure that the oils are totally pure and potent. Every batch is meticulously tested and many are rejected if standards are not met. Even high quality – like 97 % purity is not enough, for when the standard they set for their quality is 100%, that is what doTERRA delivers, nothing less.

The sourcing model

One big reason I chose doTERRA is because their sourcing model blew my mind and tugged at my heart. “Co-impact sourcing” means that doTERRAs essential oils are not just changing the lives of us in our homes, but they also work with many Indigenous communities worldwide to grow, cultivate and harvest plants where they naturally thrive.

This means the plants used are not just the purest , they are also the most therapeutically potent available anywhere because they are harvested at the peak of their potency, in their endemic habitat (eg..Vetiver from Haiti, Lavender from France, Tea Tree from Australia etc). And finally, this model of sourcing means the communities where the plants are grown are supported and their lives are enhanced by every bottle of oil we purchase. 

An example of this is in Haiti where Vetiver oil is sourced; these people were walking three hours a day to access water that was not even safe for drinking. You can learn more about sourcing of Vetiver oil and how doTERRA turned on a fresh water supply for them here – truly a life changing gift for so many families.

And that is only the beginning! With doTERRA every oil is meticulously sourced and tested, and every essential oil has its own unique story, as do the communities that the plants and oils are sourced from.

What can you use essential oils for?

The thing that really opened my mind to essential oils, was beginning to understand that they are not just nice smells.

Once we understand the vast array of healing properties essential oils can support us with, and how quickly they are absorbed and welcomed into the body, the question is not what can you do with them, but what can’t you!?

Essential oils can used in three key ways;

  • aromatically (in a diffuser)
  • topically (diluted and applied on the skin),
  • internally (used in foods / cooking to enhance flavours eg, choc mint bliss balls!) But don’t try this with any other essential oils – many are marked as do not ingest as they are not of pure enough quality to do so. 

My family uses essential oils to as part of our daily life. Just a few of the ways we use them include:

  • diffusing into the air in home, office and bedrooms at night
  • making natural health and immune boosting remedies for topical application – these can be to support the family with illness prevention, soothing discomforts, or to alleviate minor health issues
  • as a natural alternative to chemical free cleaning
  • using them as part of my daily emotional self-care routine
  • for mood support; to calm or soothe a restless child, create uplifting moods in the house, build focus or energy during work hours
  • in foods ; I love to enhance flavours in my bliss balls, cakes, smoothies and more 
  • creating blends for my clients to use to support their emotional change 

Keen to learn more?

Read a wide selection of uses and daily applications in my blog articles as I share how we use Essential oils in our home.

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