Explore emotional intimacy

and enhance your connection with women.

Discover how to cultivate intimacy that goes beyond physical sex, in a judgement free space with a qualified experienced therapist.

Be guided to learn more about your body, your capacities as a man, and how to give the gift that women crave most in relationships — Masculine Presence.

What is Intimacy Coaching?

We all crave the deepest forms of romantic sexual intimacy and want sex that blows open our hearts. Yet our society gives us little or no guidance on how to achieve this consistently beyond the initial flush of new love.

Most men learn about sex through exposure to porn as teens, yet when it comes to having a relationship with a flesh and blood woman, deepening intimacy is about much more than a simple sexual position that looks HOT. 

The real reason we struggle to create the relationships and intimacy we really desire is that very few of us were taught how to create or sustain connection with another human, let alone with ourselves. 

Intimacy ≠ Sex

We think we want more sex – and yes mind blowing sex is delicious, enjoyable and worth every drop of sweat it produces – but in truth what we actually crave in the deepest parts of our soul is actually emotional connection ie – intimacy:

To see and be seen by another.

To love and be loved exactly a we are.

To feel like we are enough.

To fully express and share all of ourselves and be fully met in that.

These are the traits of deep intimacy.

Yes eye gazing and Tantric breathwork techniques offer a way to cultivate some of this, yet technique alone is not enough. For as much as we crave this level of being seen by another, we are also deeply terrified by it. The vulnerability of baring our soul to another when in-love,  the fears of being rejected for our messiness and what we think are our less appealing traits is what most often stops us from actually achieving and sustaining intimacy with another. Regardless of how much we love them. 

Discover how to move beyond a desire for sex or physical interaction and connect in deep emotional intimacy with yourself, your partner or your next Lover.

woman in bed, red underwear | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Suitable for men who are partnered or single

Intimacy Coaching offers a space where you can

own, express & hone your innate gifts as a man. 

Common challenges I help men with:

+ Doubting yourself as a man (lacking confidence, self esteem or battling nagging self doubt)

+ You or your woman has lost interest in having sex  

+ The marriage has lost its spark and you seek ways to restore passion & connection

+ Wanting to be a better lover for your current or future partner

+ Being single and unable to attract / sustain a relationship with a woman

+ Being single, yet wanting a place to practice Tantra and deep intimacy with a woman

In sessions with me you will:

+ Practice and refine how you show up / relate with women

+ Retrain your body to offer deep presence that opens her heart, her body and her sex

+ Awaken your capacity for pleasure beyond ejaculation

+ Learn the art of skillful lovemaking

+ Learn how bring pleasure a woman in a way that is both tantalizing and irresistible 

+ Learn how to communicate your desires, wants and needs in healthier ways

+ Practice being strong present and vulnerable in the face of feminine emotion

Couple in YabYum | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

You will also:

+ Be invited to discover how to be truly intimate with yourself 

+ Learn about Sovereignty and how to cultivate your own inner union

+ Be given daily practices to help express yourself as a Masculine man

+ Meet your deepest fears and desires and learn how to express them in your life

+ Discover how to be a more present and loving for the women in your life

What you can expect:

+ Sessions take between 1.5 – 2 hours duration

+ Coaching sessions are conducted fully clothed (tantric body work is available separately).

+ I work within your agreed limits, boundaries and emotional comfort

+ I commit to hold you in deep reverence and offer full confidentiality 


These sessions are often confronting, raw and deeply personal as we connect to our innermost selves. For this reason I strongly recommend you plan your day to allow extra time after our session so you can be with yourself and integrate.

 Remember who you really are ….


Beyond the ways you hold back, 

play small or hide your desires.

Your hunger to be primal

and your capacity to

ravish a woman open

with unbridled love

is a gift she is aching for.

Is it time to awaken the Lion within?

Pricing //Men’s Intimacy Coaching//

If you wish to work with me, the first step is for us to speak on the phone and assess your needs, commitment and ensure we are aligned to work together.  It is a pre-requisite that you do some Men’s Work separate to our sessions.

If we both decide to proceed, I offer a minim three-month package for new clients as outlined below.

“WARRIOR” 3 month coaching container

+ 1 private session per month

+ email access and ongoing support over the three months

+ includes practices and exercises between sessions

+ commitment to do other forms of Men’s work outside of our sessions together

= $320 per month or $897 prepaid investment

“KING” available in 3 + 6 month containers

+ 2 private coaching sessions each month

+ email access and ongoing support over the 6 months

+ includes practices and exercises between sessions

+ Your commitment to do other forms of Men’s work outside of our sessions together

= $598 per month

Prepaid = $1699 for 3 months / $3,499 for 6 months

Casual rates 

+ $399 per 2 hour session (for existing clients only)

** Please note Intimacy coaching sessions are conducted in-person in Brisbane.  

Keen to hear what other men have said about working with me?

Intimacy coaching 

I had been curious about Tantra for many years but really didn't know were or how to start.
After procrastinating for years I finally came across Bree. She was very easy to talk to and put me completely at ease. I could tell she was a genuine practitioner with experience and a desire to help men connect through Tantric practices.
Over a number of months Bree showed me how to open my breath, mind and heart, ways to direct my masculine energy and additional strategies to take my relationships to the next level.
Thank you Bree for your kindness, artful skills and understanding.

Why me?

Bree by the creek | Intimacy Coach Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Not only have I been been a practicing therapist for over 10 years, as a woman in her early 40's I have also navigated my own patterns of "chronic overthinking" and challenges in relationships which created pain, disappointment and heartbreak. 

Many of these experiences created a thirst for understanding and a deep desire for something better especially in the realms of relationship, intimacy and sexuality - all of which led me to study Tantra and the embodiment based somatic therapies.

This work is both my passion and my profession. I walk my talk, I am generous with my heart, my energy and only take on equally committed clients.

You will find me to be direct, patient and deeply compassionate. Most of all as this path is the culmination of my entire life's journey so far, rest assured that I will only share with you practices that I personally use myself that have been transformational for me in my own relationships with myself and others.

You can expect to be held by me in Sacred, Compassionate and Judgement free space as I draw on my life skills, relational techniques and many years as a therapist and facilitator.

I feel deeply honoured to be able to work with men who desire to nourish their intimate relationships at the most profound level possible; as I believe these are the very relationships that offer our most potent pathways to healing, change and spiritual growth in this life.

If my approach feels like a good fit for you, then I look forward to supporting you in your path back to yourself.

xxxxxx Bree

Bree Taylor Molyneaux | devotion

I look forward to assisting you 

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

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