Wellness.. what does it meant to you?

I believe that our bodies know how to be well, healthy and whole. Yet the lifestyle most of us have adapted to live in a modern world of fairly fast paced choices can greatly impede the bodies ability to maintain wellness long term.

Wellness is not something that one can create in a heartbeat; we can’t treat a body poorly for 6 years then expect it to recover in a week!. But I believe wellness is about creating healthy foundations through daily habits, routines and choices that support our bodies natural state of homeostasis and wellbeing that supports a balanced life.

Wellness thus is largely reliant on the accumulation of our daily lifestyle choices – things like smoking (or not), exercising (or not), eating junk-food (or not). With each thing we do or don’t do, we make daily choices but for many, wellness isnt always at the centre of our focus of these choices.

For example – what we put in and on our bodies can have powerful or devastating impacts on our experience of well-being on daily basis. Healthy food habits for me are simply an outward example of our inner state of wellness.

But eating healthy while smoking, not exercising or practicing self-kindness isnt a balanced form of wellness either. Health in one area but not another.

Wellness is my passion and as part of my healthy lifestyle, over time I’ve incorporated the following doTERRA products into my routine, to support my body and mind to be at their best for as long as possible.

It is my hope that through sharing what I do daily will inspire you to find more balance and wellness within yourself, if you want to explore this topic more checkout my full webinar on creating a pro-active approach to wellness here.

My wellness habits, routines and daily doTERRA Lifestyle

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Notable products mentioned above

Lifelong Vitality supplements; these form the health foundation of nutrition, health and cellular energy in our bodies. I’ve gone without them and it was very noticable! Learn more about them here.

DDR Prime; this supplement was formulated to support the bodies healthy replication and to repair everything at a cellular level. With all the toxins in our world, these are a must! More info here.

Salubelle beauty blend; contains high frequency beautifying oils for skin. read about it here.

Yarrow / Pom ; I’m slightly in love with this oil for is anti-aging qualities and for how soft it makes skin feel. Read more about its uses here.

Balance; grounding blend – the oil I’m totally in love with for its calming foresty aroma. Learn more about it here.

Peace; my favourite oil for sleep support – read more about sleep blends and recipes I love here.

daily doTERRA wellness lifestyle habits | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Keen to learn more?

If you liked that you read, I have plenty of blog on wellness solutions, self-care, sleep remedies and more. Check them all out here.

And if you are interested to learn more about essential oils wellness, you can Read more about why I use doTERRA essential oils here plusthe easiest cheapest way to get them into your home today.

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About the author

why Im loving essential oils | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based women’s self-care and wellness coach specialising in emotional self care. Read more of her blogs on self care and living a wellness lifestyle here.

She most often supports women with challenges in fertility, pregnancy + birth, birth trauma, motherhood + parenting and travels Australia offering workshops on emotional self-care , low-tox living & holistic wellness solutions for families.

As a trained a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, HypnoBirthing® educator and personal renewal facilitator, Bree also supports women all around the world with 1on1 coaching and has a range of hypnosis downloads available on iTunes.