As a parent, having natural and effective tools and strategies to support my mood and that of my family is really important!
And as a self-care coach I also know that being emotionally resilient helps us all be at our very best and happiest.
I use the following 5 oil blends are part of my emotional support routine every single day. There are other oils we use for other emotional purposes, but these ones get used the most, which means they need replacing most often.

Calming mood blends

Balance (grounding blend)
This blend is very calming and helps us to be more present. Containing lots of tree oils it smells rather like a forest which helps us be more connected to nature and ourselves. Balance is a very popular oil for anyone who needs calming, focusing or soothing and is especially used on people with children of all ages.

Balance grounding blend - my everyday friend | Bree Taylor MolyneauxThis oil blend help move a tantrum or soothe emotions so they just ease away with less resistance. Personally, I use this as part of my routine every single day by:
• Adding a few drops to a carrier oil and doing an aromatic dressing each morning
• Adding a drop to lava bead bracelet for all day aromatic support
• Apply via a diluted roller – to my wrists and neck – whenever I want some grounding or calming
• Or apply to my neck, wrists and base of the feet before and during a yoga class

Lavender peace (restful blend)
This is a soothing calming blend which is lovely for topical use anytime we need calming or soothing down. We use this most often at night time, but many people use this oil combined with Balance as a mood support calming blend all day long.

Our most common uses for this blend include
• A diluted roller for topical use – applied to back of the neck can help soothe anxious emotions as often needed
• dilute it and massage it into your family’s feet or back at the end of the day
Personally I love to:
• add a few drops to your bath
• diffuse at bedtime – read more about this and other sleep oils I use here

Peace (reassuring blend)
Another for soothing anxious feelings, this is especially common for helping little minds settle into feeling safe and focused. With soothing oils like Vetiver in this blend, it is very powerful for quietening the mind and can also be used for children on the spectrum who need extra support to focus their attention.
Common uses for mood support
• Apply topically to back of the neck, wrists or temples to soothe anxious feelings, or create calm /focus during school time.

Personally, this is my night-time oil which means I :
• Apply this oil to my temples, wrists and neck at bedtime – the smell helps trigger me into sleep fast!
• Apply in the same places during restorative yoga, to switch my mind off and help me relax fast.


Uplifting oil blends

InTune (focus blend)
I’m smelling this as a type right now because this blend is all about mental clarity and a clear mind.
Suitable for children and adults, we all need extra focus at work or during school hours! This blend contains oils such as Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, Lime and Frankincense.
Common daily uses –
• Apply topically to neck and wrists daily for a boost of focused concentration at my computer, or when preparing for a client to arrive.
• You can also diffuse this oil blend for the same purpose, although it comes in a ready made roller for topical use (which I personally dilute a little).

Motivate (encouraging blend)
This is my ‘get shit done’ blend, for when I need to get motivated and upbeat about something but am a little lacking in enthusiasm! With fire starting oils like peppermint, ginger, clove cinnamon and sandalwood this blend will definitely get you awake and moving.
Common daily uses –
• Apply topically to my neck and wrists for an upbeat lift
• Diffuse to create motivation, confidence or energy to get going anytime during the day

Wild Orange
This is an individual oil (not a blend like all the others) and is an everyday favourite. Extracted from the rind of pure oranges in Brazil, this oil has a real uplifting quality that makes us feel good, positive and upbeat.
Balance and Wild orange together are known as the Tantrum Tamer, but I do wear it as a perfume for nearly constant uplifting and grounding during the day. It smells divine!
Personal uses –
I literally do use this oil every single day including:
• Adding to my diffuser jewellery
• Diffusing in my office
• Adding to my chocolate bliss ball squares, smoothies or hot chocolate (yes this oil is safe to eat!!)
• Or apply topically for mood support when blended with Balance


Other oils for emotional support

It is worth mentioning that dōTERRA has a few other oil blends for mood support, such as those included in the Emotional Aromatherapy kit which I haven’t mentioned here.

You can check these out as pictured below and contact me for more info.

doTERRAs Emotional Aromatherapy kit includes these oil blends



Are you keen to get some oils into your life?

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If that person was me, you can order some oils here, or contact me to chat further about your needs / uses personally before you order.

After you get your kit I will provide you with ongoing support, education and tips on how to use your oils so you wont ever need to feel alone. I also welcome questions so feel free to get in touch!


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About the author

Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based women’s self-care coach specialising in support for fertility, pregnancy + birth, motherhood + beyond. She is trained a HypnoBirthing® practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and personal renewal facilitator with a passion for helping women bring more self-care into daily life.

Bree runs weekend retreats, offers a range of self-care classes + essential oil workshops and is available for private coaching. She also has a range of and hypnosis downloads available on iTunes. You can read more about Bree here.