There is a huge selection of new essential oils that were recently released at dōTERRA’s International Convention. And to say I’m excited about them would be an understatement!

Most of these products are available to purchase now (October) so here’s a snapshot on what these oils are and a quick video overview on them all from me.

Watch my whirlwind snapshot of these new oils their uses here or read on below for a simplified summary.


Snapshop: new doTERRA oils and products

doTERRA® Kids Collection

This collection includes 6 ready made custom blended rollers, designed for children aged 3 years and up (although adults love them it too!) . The combo includes safely diluted essential oil blends to support our children and comes in a cute carry bag with “how to use cards” and carabenas.

doTERRA kits collectionAbout the oils in this collection (watch the beginning of my video above for more info on these blends)

  • Thinker and Calmer (for the mind)
  • Stronger and Rescuer (for soothing / protecting the body)
  • Steady and Brave (for supporting emotional health / our hearts)

Plus here is a little promo video on this exciting new collection for kids… we are eagerly awaiting delivery of ours and my son is BEYOND excited to be getting his own oils bag and blends.


Turmeric essential oil

Tumeric oil

If you are a turmeric latte fan you know how good turmeric is for us!

The really the good news is the Turmeric essential oil is much more readily absorbed into the body than turmeric powder (curcuminoids) which most of us are using, which means the essential oil is really good for our cellular health and antioxidant protection.

Turmeric is a extra powerful because we can use it internally (for whole body and cellular health), topically (for skin health) or diffused (only if you like the smell!) and is ideally taken in veggie capsules daily for cell protection, calming and enhanced antioxidant health.

You can read more info on the benefits of Turmeric oil here

Pink Pepper essential oil

Offering extensive benefits for the immune, nervous and digestive system, pink pepper is a unique oil which benefits us mostly through internal use (add it to your water bottle)

If you don’t know about doTERRA’s sourcing model, the sourcing behind pink pepper will really remind you of how important it is that we think bigger than ourselveswhen we purchase products. Learn more about this oil here

Green Mandarin essential oil

Unique because it is sourced from fruit that would otherwise be wasted, this essential oil is very diverse and unlike another citrus oils is not photo sensitive.

This is a great oil for mood support diffused, and can be taken both internally, used topically or diffused for a range of uses and due to its unique chemistry is a very calming oil (while most citrus oils are uplifting). Learn more about green mandarin here

Magnolia Touch essential oil

With 3 x the calming properties of lavender (yes you read that correctly) this oil is going to be useful for us all!

Apply this pre-diluted Magnolia Touch to the head, temples, wrists of bottoms of feet for emotional calming and support, or to assist in winding down at sleep time. Learn More about this oil here.

Natural Deodorant with doTERRA Balance®

Get rid of chemical deodorants and replace them with this fully reformulated, amazing smelling natural bicarb based deodorant that is safe for the entire family. The reviews on this new natural offering are very impressive!! Learn more about this natural deodorant here.

Copaiba Softgels

Copaiba was a hit when doTERRA released it last year and for a great reason – it offers a drug free alternative to CBD and hemp oils with lots of other benefits thrown in there! This oil has been replacing melatonin supplements, supporting people with neurological issues and there is so much more that I cant even say about it.

These new softgels provide a fast convenient way to take Copaiba internally for medicial support daily, which can be useful for a wide range of people including those who want to reduce inflammation in the body, improve their neurological health, provide digestive support or just reduce cellular stress. Think of Copaiba as an all rounder essential oil that we can all benefit from taking. Learn more about this oil here

AND, available from November 

Yarrow/Pom essential oil

Yarrow essential oil is also great for more things than I can say, but lets just say heart health and metabolic function just about covers it. Combine that with Pomegranate seed oil and you have a very powerful combination designed for internal health (like supplements daily) to assit with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and heart tissue function.

This comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper so you can add it to veggie capsules or drop into your mouth each morning. And this oil is also amazing for skin health – just apply it to dry, cracked or sensitive skin areas for results in days. More about Yarrow and Pom oil here

doTERRA® Spa Hydrating Body Mist

Beautiful body mistOne of my most anticipated new products, this body mist is formulated to be highly moisturizing while infused with the divine perfume blend Beautiful (which I wear nearly daily).

This will be living in my handbag and can replace your aromatic dressing routine as a fast convenient body moisturizer on the go. More on this body mist here.

doTERRA On Guard® Mouthwash

And lastly, our ever popular OnGuard (protective blend) which comes in a toothpaste is now available in a Mouthwash. Studies on this product showed an 80% improvement in mouth ph, when using it at only 80% concentration. Mouth ph affects our oral health so this is a great additional to our dental health routine. Learn more here.


Are you excited about these new oils and the potential they hold for our health and wellness?

I really am! And did you know you can access these new products via your dōTERRA account?

For existing customers, all of these products are available for a limited time as part of the Dream Convention kit at a greatly discounted rate (save around $150 AUD). So if you are already a doTERRA customer get yours via a US order now (instructions on how are here).

Don’t have oils yet?

Contact me if you don’t have oils in your life yet because they can be a real game changer!!

Contact me directly if you want to order some of these new oils and join at the same time, or read more about our starter kits here or more of my blogs about essential oils here. for a greater understanding of their wide and varied uses.

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux


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