I’ve been on a massive journey to rediscover my pleasure in recent years, after I realised that in my long term relationship I’d made MY pleasure HIS responsibility.

I did this by thinking he should know HOW to meet my sexual needs, when I didn’t even know them myself.

Because back then, truthfully I didn’t have a strong relationship with my sexual self…. I still had so many blocks to it –

Body image hangups …
The list goes on

Yet a pivotal decision happened for me one day, when I decided to Reclaim my pleasure as my responsibility, my birthright, my choice. And suddenly I was both empowered and freed. The stories I’d believed began to fall away, and I was free to Follow my own Pleasure. Wherever that lead me.

This drove me to further explore Tantra.
Then Sensual Erotic dance
Women’s Embodiment
Daily self pleasure practices
Tantric breathwork
Goddess practices
Concious sexuality
And then back to Tantra !!

And while my journey into and through my own pleasure continues (for there is no filling an ever expanding cup!!) as I find more and more ways to welcome her into this new life I’ve found myself living, one thing remained stable for me – Embodiment practices.

Being connected to my breath, subtle sensations and movement which awakened me to the wisdom of my own body, was like coming home. I allowed myself to feel and express so many things that I’d pushed down, avoided, or been too busy to feel before. Things that had previously blocked my ability to feel pleasure.

And suddenly my capacity to feel in my daily life sky rocketed. Now I can have a heart-gasm just watching the sunset. I can elevate and direct my own bliss, ecstasy and orgasmic potential, without reliance on another. And it’s limitless.

This all began through being more connected to my sensory world. Through embodiment. Embodiment was and is my daily medicine.

And it’s time share her magic with you. Online Women’s Embodiment gatherings are now running fortnightly. Join me from anywhere in the world, from the safety and privacy of your home.

Give yourself the gift of listening to your own body… because truly, she knows so much about what you really need.

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About the author

Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based women’s Embodiment coach with an emerging specialty of self love, self acceptance and sensuality.

As an emerging leader in Women’s Embodiment, Tantra Sensuality and positive sexuality, Bree is passionate about living a fully embodied & present life.

As a trained Embodiment Facilitato + Intimacy Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master practitioner, HypnoBirthing® educator and Personal renewal facilitator, Bree supports women worldwide with 1on1 coaching, women’s embodiment circles, and through her hypnosis downloads available on iTunes. You can also Read more of her blogs on a range of topics here.