Pregnancy + birth coaching

Would you like to feel more relaxed and at ease with your pregnancy?

Are you worried about becoming a parent or navigating the journey ahead?

Past miscarriages, experiencing a birth trauma or just feeling uncertain about what lies ahead with birth and parenting can often make pregnancy scary, instead of magical. 

I am here to help you change how you think + feel about pregnancy, birth + beyond.

I will help you break free of the emotional roller-coaster of panic, anxiety or past trauma, so you get have a more positive pregnancy.



Let me help you navigate your unconscious mind and unleash the potential inside.

+ Get tools to navigate anxious, challenging days.

+ Restore your trust in yourself and your body.

+ Re-discover what it’s like to feel happy, relaxed and at ease.

+ Release the nagging worries, stresses and what-ifs. 

I want to help you welcome your baby in good health + positive spirits.

Bree 53.jpg webWhy me?

My gift is to quickly identify whatever is holding you back and what you need to do differently to create the experience you want. We then create a plan to overcome these challenges, and connect you with your potential as a calm + happy mum-to-be.

I always keep things simple and practical. I provide a compassionate space for you to break free of your unconscious limitations, fears and stresses.

With a wide range of tools and extensive experience to draw upon, I have supported many clients to have a positive pregnancy, calm birth and a more enjoyable experience of motherhood.

Keen to hear what others think about working with me?

Hear from some of my happy clients.

Thank you Bree for your support as I prepared for my second labour + birth.

You helped me to heal and release much of the fear that I had following the birth of my first daughters complicated birth, resulting in post traumatic stress and post natal depression.

The private work we did along with the HypnoBirthing tools, gave me the confidence that I needed to approach labour in a relaxed way, and trust that my body could birth my baby naturally.

I am so grateful to have experienced a natural and peaceful birth this time around. It’s made such a difference to myself and my family, and has been a much better start to mothering than last time.

Your personalised attention and care for me during my preparations made all the difference to me.”



Birth trauma support + HypnoBirthing preparation

After finding out I was pregnant I immediately began worrying and stressing about the viability of the baby due to my history of miscarriages. Bree was able to support me in reducing my anxiety and help me feel calmer and more able to trust that my body could support this baby.

I am now thrilled to be 11 weeks pregnant and I am past my usual point of miscarrying. I feel much more positive and hopeful that this pregnancy will go to term. Thank you Bree for your support and assistance.


- previous miscarriages

Just letting you know that I reach 37 weeks tomorrow. I’m so happy to reach this huge milestone and I have you to thank for making it an anxiety-free journey!

I listen to your relaxation tracks most nights too. Thank you for making this pregnancy so much more enjoyable.


- pre term labour

I really loved my second birth experience using HypnoBirthing. As I really practised my breathing i became more focused and in tune with my body which resulted in a pain free birth with no tearing – I was so proud of myself that I breathed baby down!!

The initial preparations we did with Bree and my husband for my first baby really set the foundation. This time around I was even more diligent to listen to the birth affirmations and relaxation daily.

I highly recommend doing birth preparation like HypnoBirthing as soon as you know your pregnant! This is such an amazing tool to have and child birth is a miracle as much as Hypnobirthing is.

Bree was so calm and excellent at being able to journey with each couple in the sessions and for explaining techniques so well. I have much respect for her passion and it gave me the confidence I needed!


HypnoBirthing birth preparation

Pregnancy coaching packages

I offer three-month packages to support, guide and nourish you towards mind-body balance and more positive mindset. By choosing a three-month approach the results we achieve are truly transformational and lasting.


Pregnant mama DELUXE coaching package includes:

+ regular coaching sessions over three months (total of 6 sessions over 3 months)

+ regular phone and email support between sessions

+ access to my range of meditations, downloads and stress reducing tools for pregnancy, birth and post-natally

+ my wealth of experience, knowledge and a commitment to support you fully

+ This three month coaching package costs $325 per month.


Birth trauma package includes:

+ 3 private coaching sessions over two-three months 

+ phone and email support between sessions

+ access to my range of meditations, downloads and stress reducing tools for pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery

+ This three month package costs $175 per month / $525 upfront


++ All pregnancy packages have the optional inclusion of HypnoBirthing natural birth education privately in your home. This approach will support you and your partner with techniques for a calmer natural delivery, birth and transition into parenthood.

Learn more about private HypnoBirthing education here.

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I look forward to assisting you towards your goal of a healthy calm pregnancy, birth and beyond.

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

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