Pregnancy + birth coaching


Would you like to feel more relaxed and at ease with your pregnancy?

Are you worried about becoming a parent or navigating the journey ahead?

Past miscarriages, experiencing a birth trauma or just feeling uncertain about what lies ahead with birth and parenting can often make pregnancy scary, instead of magical. 

I am here to help you change how you think + feel about pregnancy, birth + beyond.

I will help you break free of the emotional roller-coaster of panic, anxiety or past trauma, so you get have a more positive pregnancy.


Let me help you navigate your unconscious mind and unleash the potential inside.

+ Get tools to navigate anxious, challenging days.

+ Restore your trust in yourself and your body.

+ Re-discover what it’s like to feel happy, relaxed and at ease.

+ Release the nagging worries, stresses and what-ifs. 


I want to help you welcome your baby in good health + positive spirits.

Why me?

self-care coach + therapist + educator | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

My gift is to quickly identify what is holding you back and what you need. 

We will then create a plan to overcome your emotional / mental blocks to pregnancy and motherhood. 

I like to keep things simple which means I will say it like it is in a down-to-earth way that you can understand

I provide a compassionate space for you to break free of your unconscious limitations, fears and stresses. And I have a wide range of tools and extensive experience at my disposal. 

I am honoured to have clients that get real, lasting results and LOVE working with women who want to achieve this too.

 xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Keen to hear what others think about working with me?

Hear from some of my happy clients.

After finding out I was pregnant I immediately began worrying and stressing about the viability of the baby due to my history of miscarriages. Bree was able to support me in reducing my anxiety and help me feel calmer and more able to trust that my body could support this baby.

I am now thrilled to be 11 weeks pregnant and I am past my usual point of miscarrying. I feel much more positive and hopeful that this pregnancy will go to term. Thank you Bree for your support and assistance.


- previous miscarriages

Thank you Bree for your support as I prepared for my second labour + birth.

You helped me to heal and release much of the fear that I had following the birth of my first daughters complicated birth, resulting in post traumatic stress and post natal depression.

The private work we did along with the HypnoBirthing tools, gave me the confidence that I needed to approach labour in a relaxed way, and trust that my body could birth my baby naturally.

I am so grateful to have experienced a natural and peaceful birth this time around. It’s made such a difference to myself and my family, and has been a much better start to mothering than last time.

Your personalised attention and care for me during my preparations made all the difference to me.”


Birth trauma support + HypnoBirthing preparation

Just letting you know that I reach 37 weeks tomorrow. I’m so happy to reach this huge milestone and I have you to thank for making it an anxiety-free journey!

I listen to your relaxation tracks most nights too. Thank you for making this pregnancy so much more enjoyable.


- pre term labour

I really loved my second birth experience using HypnoBirthing. As I really practised my breathing i became more focused and in tune with my body which resulted in a pain free birth with no tearing – I was so proud of myself that I breathed baby down!!

The initial preparations we did with Bree and my husband for my first baby really set the foundation. This time around I was even more diligent to listen to the birth affirmations and relaxation daily.

I highly recommend doing birth preparation like HypnoBirthing as soon as you know your pregnant! This is such an amazing tool to have and child birth is a miracle as much as Hypnobirthing is.

Bree was so calm and excellent at being able to journey with each couple in the sessions and for explaining techniques so well. I have much respect for her passion and it gave me the confidence I needed!


HypnoBirthing birth preparation

Bree has been amazing to work with over the last 18 months. She has supported me through   fertility treatments, pregnancy and birth preparation. Each session has made a huge difference in my life, along with the tools to work with outside the sessions.

Over our sessions & HypnoBirthing preparation, I started to gain perspective, resilience, confidence, and a calmer positive outlook at each step of the mumma journey. I felt emotionally balanced, gained hope in the fertility process and most importantly belief in myself. I felt very prepared & calm for labour after practicing HypnoBirthing using the techniques Bree taught me.

I can’t recommend Bree highly enough for any life challenge. And I feel she is a must-have for anyone facing fertility issues.

She has definitely had an immense impact on my journey to being a Mum.


- fertility + self-care coaching + birth preparation

Pregnant with my second child, I sought out Bree for her HypnoBirthing expertise, and she was instrumental in my ability to approach the second birth with greater confidence. 

Although I consider myself quite well read and educated about pregnancy and the birthing process, Bree taught me so much and was able to tailor her advice to my specific situation. 

Sometimes I would start a session feeling a little anxious but without fail, I always left the session feeling confident, positive and eager to birth. 

Bree’s calm style and extensive knowledge created such a safe and special space that each interaction with her changed my outlook about what was to come.  

She also prepared me for breastfeeding and the ‘fourth trimester’ – something I had not really given much thought to – so that the whole experience of having my second child could be a positive one.

As a result of Bree’s sessions, I felt more connected and less overwhelmed during the birth of my little girl. The HynoBirthing breathing techniques allowed my baby to cope better so I got my delayed cord clamping and that crucial first hours of bonding and breastfeeding. 

I have recovered from the birth much better, feel a lot more emotionally balanced and have been breastfeeding successfully.

I’m very happy I made the decision to engage Bree to help me in this journey and would do so again if there was a baby number 3!


- birth trauma support + HypnoBirthing preparation

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Pregnancy coaching packages

After we have met each other for an initial session to confirm if we want to work together we can discuss coaching packages.

I offer three-month support packages to guide you towards optimal mind-body balance and more positive mindset. Having a three-month approach to achieving change in your life means the results we achieve are more powerful and lasting.


pregnant mama – 3 month coaching package:

+ three months of 1-on-1 support via fortnightly coaching sessions 

+ access to my range of meditations, hypnosis downloads and stress reducing tools for pregnancy, birth and post-natally

+ regular phone and email support as needed

+ my wealth of experience, knowledge and a commitment to support you fully

pregnant mama pricing

HypnoBirthing baby owen | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

My three month coaching package is available via three options

// paid upfront or monthly = upfront $975 or $325 per month



// Optional  HypnoBirthing natural birth classes

HypnoBirthing Brisbane calm birth preparation | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

HypnoBirthing preparation supports both you and your partner with techniques for a calmer natural delivery, birth and transition into parenthood. 

Learn more about private HypnoBirthing education with me here.

Birth Trauma release and recovery

For women suffering a traumatic birth often I usually suggest an initial session and 2 follow up sessions, although some women may come to see me already pregnant and may then want support during their pregnancy or birth preparation.

Regardless of how many sessions you do, what I offer is individualized to your needs so please get in touch to chat about your personal history. 

birth trauma resolution

+ two or three private 1-on-1 coaching sessions

+ access to my range of meditations, downloads and stress reducing tools 

+ phone and email support between sessions

Pricing for this varies depending on your needs, but usually

$195 for the first session, $175 per follow up session = $545 for three sessions over 6-8 weeks.

Bree I can’t thank you enough for the hypnotherapy work you did with me.

Before I came to see you, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was severely anxious and constantly worried that something would happen to my little one. It was affecting my marriage and my interpersonal communication and took me a long time to recognise this as birth trauma.

After we worked together I felt free – almost instantly – of some unhelpful beliefs I’d been carrying for over a year. I look forward to each day now and feel like I’m radiating positive energy to myself and those around me.

My only regret is that I lived with it for so long before seeking help. I now belief that having a second child is a possibility for us and we have that choice available for the future.

Your holistic approach is wonderful, original and life changing. Thank you once again for everything! 

Birth trauma & post natal anxiety

S, Brisbane mum

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I look forward to assisting you towards your goal of a healthy calm pregnancy, birth and beyond.

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

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