So you want a vaginal birth but are still planning to hire an OB ‘just in-case’ or because you figure private is better right? Well in the birthing world that is far from the truth. For more on that read this blog post and this one or contact me directly.

Back to the questions at hand; what to ask an OB to confirm they are supportive of a natural or vaginal delivery with minimal intervention and a therefore a reduced likelihood of c-section.

The questions are as follows

  1. Why did you choose to work in the birth industry?
  2. What is your philosophy on childbirth?
  3. We are using HypnoBirthing to prepare for our birth. Are you aware of this approach for a Natural Birth? Will you support us in using this?
  4. How often do you perform c-section births? What is the most common reason for this?
  5. What sort of indicators do you use for a c-section?
  6. How do you regard written birth plans and do you encourage me to have one?
  7. What are your feelings about doulas?
  8. Will you be in town on my due date and how many women do you have due at that time?
  9. Is there an after-hours number to call or a way to get a hold of you in case of emergency?
  10. Who would be your replacement if you were to be unable to assist me in my birth?
  11. How many births have you missed?
  12. Are you comfortable with me using different pushing positions to birth the baby as I feel to (i.e. squatting)?
  13. What are your recommendations for minimising drugs and intervention during the birth?
  14. What percentage of your patients begin labour spontaneously?
  15. If my baby is strong and I am in good health will you postpone discussions discussion of induction beyond 42 weeks?
  16. Can you provide statistics on your rates of labour inductions, augmentations, epidurals and c-sections?
  17. How long, and under what circumstances will you support me in labour before suggesting interventions such as Syntocin to progress things?
  18. Do you perform vaginal breech births?
  19. What are your procedures for handling breech/twin pregnancies?
  20. Do you routinely perform episiotomies? When and why?
  21. What is your policy on rupturing/stripping membranes?
  22. Will you support delayed cord clamping for my babies health?
  23. Have you had any maternal and/or infant deaths? If so, why?