If you are anything like most mums, you want your body to be full of energy, mind to be patient and calm, and also have the capacity to enjoy quality time with your family.

BUT the busyness of life or an overburdened schedule can get in the way, and we can end up feeling guilty for wanting to prioritise ourselves.


There’s too many chores to stay on-top of, work or business commitments to juggle, and then there’s your fading energy levels – constantly topped up by coffee or less than healthy snacks.

Imagine if you could embrace a more balanced, playful harmonious and healthy life where you know how to balance time for you, how to eat well and how to be a great mum. And even do it with ease.

In your heart of hearts, you really want to be a relaxed and playful mum, be able to make time for yourself “guilt free”. These things don’t happen overnight, but with a little support, some mindset shifts and daily habits put in place, you can be that version of you. 

self-care coach + therapist + educator | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Hi I’m Bree;  a women’s self-care + wellness coach + mum familiar with the juggles and struggles we all face daily.

Like you I have good and bad days.  

But possibly the only difference between us, is that I’ve spent years studying the mind, how to reprogram it using Hypnotherapy + NLP, and working exclusively with women to help them be happier within themselves.

Which means self-care and how we feel about ourselves as women and mothers is my specialty.

The good news is, I know there are practical solutions that make a difference to our daily experience. For women, when the following things are in place we are more content within ourselves; 

  • Healthy food and lifestyle habits

  • Emotional self care 

  • A positive inner dialogue with ourselves

I am here to help you achieve these things, and invite you to take a month or two to slowly re-balance and revitalise yourself from the inside out as part of my 30 day Reconnect + Revitalise program.

You have probably heard about self-care and how emotional health is a key issue for most of us these days, so let me guide you through a gentle way to nourish body and mind over 30 days, while enhancing your energy levels drastically!

What women are saying about coaching with Bree

Wow, thank you Bree!

It is so nice to have the confidence and freedom to enjoy my life again.

Within only a few sessions I noticed a massive difference in how I felt, acted and how I lived my life. Thank you for your support and these powerful mind-body approaches you use, you have really helped me live with ease and playfulness again.

- Rachael

womens coaching

After the first session, I was certain that Bree had a unique and transformative skill.

Her ability to unravel complex issues and reveal the core elements is truly amazing. In this way, you are able to work through life’s challenges in a deep and meaningful way, and bring about enduring change.

I feel incredibly blessed that I crossed paths with Bree.

- Angie

womens coaching

I chose to work with Bree as my self-care coach because I had reached a point where my life had become about everyone but me – I had lost myself and felt like I was drowning.  I was very busy being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend but I didn’t feel I was really doing myself justice and I knew there had to be more to it.

Bree’s profile resonated with me because of her mission of helping mothers with self-care. Bree’s approach showed me that I could give myself the self-care and self-love I desperately needed and it would enrich, not take away, from the relationships I valued. She taught me how to love and care for myself again and that has allowed my relationships, especially that with my children, to blossom to their full potential.

I have an excitement for each day that I had truly lost before. I am absolutely loving being a mum and am embracing the deeper connections that self-care and self-love has opened up for me. I feel I am now living life to it’s fullest.

- Bernadette

self-care coaching

Through this 30 day online program you will learn simple practical ways to create and restore balance, wellness and self care in your life.

You will:

  • Restore energy, vitality and health 
  • Reduce your stress
  • Create daily habits for simple self-care 
  • Have improved sleep, clarity and focus
  • Create a better relationship with yourself
  • Release guilt and overcome the inner critic
  • Learn simple but powerful ways to get yourself back into balance

You will get

  • A 30 day supply of premium supplements to revitalize your energy (valued at $229)
  • A dedicated Facebook group to guide you every step of the way 
  • 5 weeks of coaching content, tips and simple reminders for self care
  • 5 hours of Live Group coaching webinars and Q+A time (coaching support valued at $630)
  • Simple steps to help you create a better relationship with yourself
  • PLUS BONUS access to my 6 week open hearted mama self care course, (valued at $125) with self-paced education (including 6 x class workbooks, 5 x mini meditations, 4 x de-stressing techniques, 3 x energising techniques
  • AND the option to extend your participation for another 30 days and do a more in-depth gut cleanse (more details on that later)

A short snippet from me on the Reconnect + Revitalise program:

Worth over $970, you get all this support, education and guidance for only $544.

Bookings & registration close Wednesday 29 August 2018.

Complete the form below to express interest or secure your place by Wed 29th August.

I cant wait to help you to be nourished, revitalised and restored in September! 

xxx  Bree

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