A few months ago I experienced the tragic loss of my younger brother, my only sibling – in an automotive accident.

As a result of this unexpected shift in my life, I’ve been laying low, going gently and not offering a great deal of external interaction to my clients, customers or social media followers until recently when I felt I could begin to resurface and reconnect to the broader outside world.

I have been around grief and loss many times in my life. Witnessing the passing of both my parents-in-law, uncle, grandparents and as recently as last year our family dog, but never have I been so closely hit or impacted by tragedy as the loss of my only sibling.

I thought it may be useful to share some of the self-care mindsets, habits and approaches I’ve been utilising during what has probably been the most challenging of my entire adult life – not only the last 2.5 months but also in the last 2 years.

In short here is a snapshot of what’s helped me immensely

Naturally me essential oils also form a key part of my self-care, and allowing grief during this time. So for my fellow essential oil fans, here are my oil sanity savers during these last 2.5 months

Oils support and sanity savers during times of grief


Balance grounding blend - my everyday friend | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Balance – used liberally, all day long!! diffused, 1 drop applied on back of neck, or just dabbed on clothing or aroma jewellery for all day round support.

Console – diffused or mixed with Balance applied topically

Rose Touch – applied on the heart and wrists to encourage a free flow of emotions or forgiveness

Stress buster Roller combo infused with powerful flower oils to reduce overwhelm, panic or worry. I found it also really helps with quickly relieving stress headaches.

Copaiba – 1 drop on back of neck or a drop under the tongue and added to diffuser blends

Oregano Touch – applied around the base of spine each morning to keep the body ahead of threats (being stressed weakens our immune system)

Lifelong vitality supplements – to help the body keep on functioning amid emotional turmoil and stress. Being aware of what my body must be going through I’ve been extra vigilant to take my full dose of these daily and have found they have helped me sleep deeply also function well in this time of high stress and challenge. I swear these supplements and Balance have been my sanity saver these past two months (taken morning and night) I truly wouldn’t be without them now. Here is a full recap on my daily supplement and oil habits


I aim to be Diffusing oils at home or in the car as much as possible during the day for mood balancing and stress reduction – I’ve found everyone’s emotions are very fluid and can tip easily, so the more calm we are the better we all function. Mostly I’ve been reaching for citrus oils combined with one of the calming blends above; Balance, Console, Copaiba or Holiday Peace.


Peace Touch – support for sleep as per my usual routine outlined here

Vetiver – I apply this to my toes and wrists at bedtime if I feel like I need more than my usual Peace roller combo. Vetiver is like liquid sleep and will encourage deep relaxation for even the most uptight person!

These things helped provide me relief in my journey to recovery.. and while it is a process that never ends, I hope they are of help you too.

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux


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