Officially we are in the final month of winter, so how is your skin faring?

If you have dry dehydrated skin that’s thirsty for more look no further than these two products; Yarrow Pom and Exfoliating body scrub.

These are my two MUST have winter essentials this year and my skin is LOVING them.

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Infused with Yarrow essential oil and a unique carrier of Pomegranate seed oil, this blend is like beauty in a bottle. It gives skin an amazing glow, and being high in antioxidants is also great for prevention of further degeneration.

USES for this oil blend:

  • Rub it onto dry skin patches (eg. heels) daily for fast results.
  • A 1- 2 drops directly to face
  • Mix 1 drop with your moisturizer 
  • Or make my Glow skin serum instead of a moisturizer.

Your skin will truly thank you!

Too busy to aromatically dress? Want your skin to be moisturized quickly? 
I love to use this on my legs and heels in winter to keep that dry skin at bay. Infused with Ginger and Grapefruit essential oils it smells yummy, but most of all it lasts ages and works beautifully.

USES for this oil blend:

Use this on dry skin before you shower to scrub away dry skin leaving it hydrated, invigorated and you will emerge with glowing soft silky skin, no body creams required!!.

** Notable mention for a non body product goes to OnGuard throat drops – for soothing those winter coughs.

What are your winter must haves??

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xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux


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