You may have heard about intention setting before, and why its just as important (or more important) than setting goals for what you want in life.

As a women’s coach, I have a ritual where each year before the 31st December I make a little time to reflect on the year that’s been, set new business goals and create personal intentions for what I want in the year to come.

It seems that by doing this, when January begins I have more a focus on what really matters, and am more aware of how to live those intentions NOW. 

Would it help you to have more clarity, self-appreciation, gratitude and perspective as you begin 2017???


Then get your copy of my FREE intention setting guide and start your year well! This free guide is so versatile that you can do it as often as you like (eg. every 3-6 months) or anytime you are undergoing a transition and want to move forward in life.

Get your free 2017 intention setting guide here.

Enjoy making time NOW to set your intentions for the year ahead or even in the first week of 2017. It never is too late to gain some focus and positive perspective about who you want to be !

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux




About the author
Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based womens coach + therapist specialising in fertility, pregnancy + birth, motherhood + beyond. She is also a HypnoBirthing® practitioner + personal renewal facilitator passionate about teaching women self-care.

She coaches women across a wide range of areas, runs restorative + self-care retreats, and has a range of and hypnosis downloads available on iTunes. Read more about Bree here.

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