When ordering with dōTERRA, you can start two ways

One – pay $35 to get wholesale prices along with my ongoing education and support. Simply pick the oils you want and off you go!

Two – get an enrollment kit as these are discounted and the wholesale membership fee is already included. This still means you get my support and guidance but also save money while doing it!

Whichever option you choose, I do recommend you get a Fractionated Coconut oil with your first order so you can dilute the oils for safe topical use. Below are my recommendations on kits or oils to consider for pregnancy, labour and parenting please see a summary of the kits here with all their inclusions here.

Basic kit for mum and baby

Option 1 – Home Essentials kit $330

Then in your second month you can then order additional oils such as – Wild Orange, Clary Calm / Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile, AromaTouch, Basil

Read about top uses for this oils starter kit here

Option 2 = AromaTouch Professional kit $242

Then in your second month you can order additional oils – Frankincense, Clary Sage/ Clary Calm, Roman Chamomile

AromaTouch Pro Kit | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

AromaTouch Professional kit


DELUXE kit for mum and baby

Option 1 = Home essentials kit $330

You can then place a few orders spaced over a few months which could include – Wild Orange, Clary Sage/Clary Calm, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum, Whisper, Lavender Peace, Bergamot, Vetiver, Black Pepper, Basil, AromaTouch, Lifelong Vitality supplements.  Read about top uses for this oils starter kit here

Option 2 – Natures Solutions kits $635

This kit saves $220 and includes many of the oils listed above and plus additional products for natural cleaning (On Guard range) and a wooden storage box.

Natures Solution kit | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Natures Solution enrollment kit

Individual oils for labour / post birth 

When buying a handful of oils individually, the loss of savings is apparent.

EG – Frankincense, Balance, Wild Orange, Lavender, Clary Sage / Clary Calm, AromaTouch, Ice Blue = $340 when bought individually.

As per my blog articles on this topic, you can also consider in the future doing a few additional orders before baby arrives as these can be used immediately with newborns (safely diluted)  – Roman Chamomile, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, OnGuard, Lavendar peace.

Two kits to consider which offer better value longer term:

  • Home Essentials kit with 15 ml bottles and Petal Diffuser $330 (plus Clary Calm and AromaTouch)
  • AromaTouch Professional kit $242 (plus Clary Calm and Frankincense)
  • The Essential Collection $174 – 11 oils in 5ml bottles $174 (plus Clary Calm and AromaTouch)


Home-Essentials-Kit | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Home Essentials enrollment kit

Starter kit for parents

Option 1 = Home essentials kit $330

This kit is the most popular starter kit for a reason! I offers $130 savings and all the basic oils a family needs to overhaul their medicine cabinet and get going with essential oils. Plus it includes a diffuser.  Read about top 20 uses for this starter kit here.

Option 2 – Natures Solutions kits $635

If you can afford it, I highly recommend going all out and getting this deluxe kit if you want to really replace lots of chemical and pharmaceutical products in your home.

The natures solutions kit saves $220 and includes many of the oils listed in the home essentials kit, diffuser, plus stacks of additional products for natural cleaning (On Guard range), hormone health, muscle relief blends, and so much more. Plus you get a wooden storage box. This kit also includes 100 product credits (like a doterra gift voucher!) so the true saving is well past $330 dollars.


PLACING your order

Feel free to contact me if you get stuck, but the steps are pretty easy as follows:

  • click on JOIN AND SAVE
  • select your Language and Country
  • Enrollment order; select Local order (if you are in Australia or the US, for other countries contact me)
  • Select how you would like to purchase products – Wholesale Customer
  • About you; input your personal details
  • Your Order; now input your order by typing the name of the enrollment kit you want). I recommend you add 1 x bottle of Fractionated coconut oil to your cart too.
  • CHECK and confirm all your details (address etc) is correct then enter your Credit Card on the final screen

Once you’ve ordered

DO A HAPPY DANCE!!! You’ve just taken the first step in a potentially life changing investment in your own health and I cant wait to share the journey with you!

I will send you some emails and get in touch to arrange a welcome session (in person or online) with you. why Im loving essential oils | Bree Taylor MolyneauxAs a member of my oily tribe you have access to support, guidance and and lots of free resources on how to get the most out of your doTERRA’s essential oils.

If you need anything or have questions before then, please contact me.  I look forward to supporting you wherever you are in your emotional health & wellness journey.


xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux