I recently had the UTMOST pleasure of running a full weekend retreat on self care, where a small group of women came together to experience self-care at every possible level.

Each woman took away different things in herself, but one of the most common themes we explored was the importance of self-compassion + self-acceptance which I’ve also blogged about.

I though it may be useful to share the four key things a residential retreat experience offers, which creates such a powerful + transformational experience over two and a half days…


  • We get away from daily life and its distractions

Through escaping the things that we do routinely, a space is created in mind and body to gain some perspective, reflect and become more aware of what is or isn’t working in our lives. Doing this while still at home can often be difficult, therefore time away provides a really fresh way of looking at our lives through creating a dedicated time for immersion in our own self-care.

  • We get time to slow down and feel again

Time to slow down and really FEEL all the things we push aside amid our day to day survival is incredibly powerful and helpful. Often we are too busy DOING and need to first slow down before creating or revising our patterns of self-care. This time to pause and reflect is a key element of a weekend retreat and it also happens to be thoroughly enjoyable!

  • We can fully receive / stop giving to others for a while

As women (and especially for mothers) we can live so much of our lives based on the day-today needs of others; our children, our partners, our friends or our work colleagues. It is rare that we give ourselves permission to pause long enough to take two full days that are 100% about us! Two days in which we actively let go of doing everything for everyone else, and focus on relaxing and receiving for ourselves. Enjoying BEING again while someone else prepares the food, gives us time to rest, and guides our mindsets into more positive places.

  • We begin to explore new ways of thinking

With the first three things in place a fresh perspective on ourselves can start to emerge. From there we can examine the mindsets, thoughts, fears and un-useful habits that have held us back from self-care, peace and satisfaction in our lives. Exploring these gently for two days gives our mind time to immerse fully without distraction, then create more useful or flexible mindsets about self-care where we need them.


Honestly, I could write a very long list on the many benefits a restorative self-care retreat offers women, but these are probably the four simplest + most powerful reasons why I want all women to experience such a weekend for themselves. To have the time to slow down, let go of unusual thoughts, feel good again and emerge renewed, inspired and in touch with ourselves.

How many reasons can you find to give yourself a nurturing, mind enhancing retreat experience!?

My self-care retreats currently run with a small group of women, to keep the weekend more intimate and nurturing. You can get info about my next weekend retreat in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast here.


xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux




About the author
Bree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based women’s self-care + happiness coach specialising in fertility, pregnancy + birth, motherhood + beyond. She is trained a HypnoBirthing® practitioner + personal renewal facilitator with is passion for helping women bring more self-care into daily life. Bree coaches women across a wide range of areas, runs restorative + self-care retreats, and has a range of and hypnosis downloads available on iTunes. Read more about Bree here.


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