When it comes to getting started with doTERRA this kit is great for families who don’t need another diffuser, and can also appeal to massage therapists and beauticians. The AromaTouch kit includes your wholesale membership so you get all my support, recipes and guidance on everyday uses for these oils and more


The AromaTouch kit for $242 AU (wholesale)


4 x doTERRA blends

  • AromaTouch Massage and spa blend. Great for use in foot and back massages for the entire family, applied topically to sore muscles / necks and behind the ears for relief while travelling. Lovely diffused for a day spa aroma or just add a few drops to your bath!
  • Balance – Grounding blend. This calming blend is safe for topical use and is lovely diffused. The tree oils in Balance make it especially calming so great for so emotional support, sleep, mood support at the end of a busy day, during yoga and meditation, in your bath, or added in the diffuser to keep everyone zen after a long day at work or school.
  • Ice Blue – Athletic blend. Supports athletic activities and sore muscles. Best used applied to tight, sore or strained muscles
  • OnGuard – Protective blend. Diffuse all day round in germ season, make your own hand spray and cleaning products. Or apply topically to the spine, base of feet and back of neck as a preventative and immune booster

4 x individual essential oils

  • Lavender (diffuse to calm the room, add to your bath, or apply topically)
  • Peppermint (diffuse for an uplift, apply topically for muscle relief)
  • Tea Tree (add to your cleaning products, or apply topically to irritated skin)
  • Wild Orange – A positive uplifting oil this helps bring feelings of joy or possibility when inhaled. Most often we diffuse this oil paired with something calming like Balance or AromaTouch blends above, although its lovely added into a glass of water, smoothies, chocolate bliss balls and more.

And Fractionated Coconut oil so you can start massaging or applying these oils to your body and skin safely. And you can also add a Petal diffuser on to this kit if you want one.

Massaging at home with Aromatouch

Interestingly, AromaTouch is even more than just a blend of oils, its also an Aromatherapy technique developed by doTERRA and taught to practitioners and families as a means to bring more wellness solutions into the home. While this kit is often a great investment for those in massage or beauty field, these oils are also brilliant for our everyday home use. Learn more about people using the AromaTouch technique in this video.


AromaTouch from dōTERRA International on Vimeo.


Pregnancy + labour; Some specific uses for the AromaTouch kit

AromaTouch (massage blend)

This massage blend offers relaxing qualities to muscles when applied topically to back or neck. It is also lovely diffused to create a calming day-spa aroma which can be diffused during labour.

Balance (grounding blend)

This calming grounding blend is safe for topical use and also diffused. The tree oils in this blend make it especially calming for an anxious labouring mumma or during moments of struggling to stay present. Just apply to the bottoms of the feet, back of the neck or smell a drop from the hands.  This is a very common blend for yoga, meditation and labour, especially when diffused with Wild orange or Clary Sage.

Wild Orange

A positive uplifting oil this helps bring feelings of joy or possibility when inhaled. Most often we diffuse this one alone or with the blends above, although its lovely added into a glass of water too.


Used for calming skin, gently disinfecting wounds (eg peri spray) or for afterbirth pains. Can be lovely diffused or applied topically for emotional calming, or diffused with Balance for extra calm in the room. Blend it with Peppermint for another pain relief / headache remedy.


Great for cooling the skin, this is wonderful in a water mist or applied to the feet to cool the body down. Blend with Lavender for a gentle headache remedy, or diffuse with Wild Orange for an upbeat refreshing lift in the room.

Ice Blue (athletic blend)

This is a muscle blend for soothing high levels of tension or muscle soreness.  While avoided in pregnancy, this is a great blend for labour as it can be applied to the lower back during back labour, or anywhere needed.  NOTE: must be diluted with Fractionated coconut oil first (or bought in a ready made “Rub” version with body lotion)

Tea Tree

Great for wound healing as its highly antiseptic so more for skin blends post labour. Can also be used in natural cleaning sprays to disinfect the room (studies have been done on Tea Trees cleaning properties)


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If this kit isn’t it the right one for you then you can read about other starter kits here or get in touch with me – I love to help you find the right combination for your families need, uses and budget. You can also explore more uses for essential oils I have a growing range of blog topics here

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