What does self-care mean to you??

I’ve written many articles on self-care, about what i think it really is and isn’t.

For me the real crux of self care means ……

Being kinder to myself and going gently and purposefully through my day.

Being brave enough to say no, asking for help when I need it, or listening to my gut and not over scheduling my life!

Making healthy choices with food that are both fast and easy, and finding conscious ways to live each day that encourage me breathe out and be present.


So often we just put so much pressure on ourselves as women, but I really believe that through creating self-care and living with more awareness / mindfulness we can all find inner peace, balance and joy.

So lovely lady, I want you to ask yourself –what can you do to create more space, calm or relief in your body today? What can you take off your plate or change to make it easier on you to feel good now?

And what’s stopping you from doing it?

(I bet the answer is you ….)


xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux


About the author

why Im loving essential oils | Bree Taylor MolyneauxBree Taylor Molyneaux is a Brisbane based self-care and wellness coach specialising in emotional self care for women and natural wellness solutions for families.

She supports women with challenges in fertility, pregnancy + birth, birth trauma, motherhood + parentingBree runs retreats on self-care, offers a range of regular wellness classes & workshops and is available for personal self-care coaching online.

You can access her a range of and hypnosis downloads on iTunes or read more about why she is so passionate about essential oils here.