Womens Embodiment Coaching | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Whether you’re a mum of young children and struggle to make time for yourself,

or a woman who wants to explore more of who you are sensually, erotically, professionally …. Coming back home into the body is a gateway to the things you seek.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment can mean different things to different people, yet to me its simply distilled down to; 

Feeling what’s there to be felt in the body.

The body is essentially a storehouse of information and through our sensory system (smell, taste, sound, touch, breathe) offers each of us a wonderous doorway into everything we have ever experienced in this life. This includes our memories of pain and pleasure, ecstasy and torment, bliss and trauma. Without using the body as a portal to our emotional state of being, we disreguard the most powerful tool we have been given in this life.

Even better, the body holds the key to faster, deeper lasting healing as it bypasses the stories of the mind which so often keep us stuck in re-creating the same reality or set of challenges again and again.

Come back home to yourself – the you who is fully present in this moment, connected to her heart, her pleasure and pain, overflowing with radiant life force and guided by the force of life – as only the feminine is. 

Through working with me you will:

+ Get tools to reconnect with your heart, awaken your body and unlock the parts of you that hold the most potency.

+ Remember what it’s like to be a full bodied woman.

+ Take away clear simple habits, routines and rituals to support yourself in being your most fully expressed feminine self

+ Awaken your capacity for pleasure and sensual exploration

+ Improve your relationship with yourself and others

+ Learn how to communicate and live from your hearts deepest desires authentically each day

Bree Taylor Molyneaux | Embodiment + Intimacy Coach

Coaching Prices

I offer casual coaching sessions for existing clients, or a 3 month minimum for new clients.

We will chat on the phone to confirm we are a good fit before I ask you to commit to any sessions. Please contact me with additional questions below.

“Maiden” 3 monthly container

+ 1 x monthly 1on1 session (1.5 hours)

+ free access to online women’s group circles

+ $599 upfront investment for 3 sessions

“Goddess” 3 month container

+ 2 x monthly 1on1 session (1.5 hours)

+ free access to online women’s group circles

$399 per month OR $1,145 prepaid investment

Casual rates / Pay as you go

+ $250 per 1.5hour session


Please note all sessions are currently offered in an online format via Zoom webinar.

** If 1-on-1 coaching is not an option for your budget please consider my group offering – the Wild Women’s Embodiment circles.

Keen to hear what other women say about working with me?

Women’s self-care coaching 

I chose to work with Bree because I had reached a point where my life had become about everyone but me – I had lost myself and felt like I was drowning.

I was very busy being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend but I didn’t feel I was really doing myself justice and I knew there had to be more to it.

During the past 3 months, Bree helped me clarify my values so that I could ensure my energies were focused on what I care most about. My values then became the base for every decision I make which gives me clarity and peace in all I do. This has allowed me to feel like I am living life again, not merely trudging through.

I now have an excitement for each day that I had truly lost before. I am absolutely loving being a mum and am embracing the deeper connections that self-care and self-love has opened up for me. I feel I am now living life to it’s fullest. 

Bernadette, mum of two, 44 yrs

Women’s coaching 

Within the two months that I worked with Bree my daily frustrations about parenting have ceased, and I can now enjoy my children again as I wanted to.

Being calmer, happier and less cranky is a simple but measurable difference for me in my daily life as a working mum. These sessions have been incredibly valuable for me.


Why me?

Bree by the creek | Intimacy Coach Bree Taylor MolyneauxNot only have I been been a practicing therapist for over 10 years, as a woman in her early 40's I have also navigated my own patterns of "chronic overthinking" and challenges in long term relationships which created pain, disappointment and heartbreak. 

Many of these experiences created a thirst for understanding and a deep desire for something better especially in the realms of relationship, intimacy and sexuality - all of which led me to study Tantra and the embodiment based somatic therapies.

This work is both my passion and my profession;  this means that I walk my talk and only take on equally committed clients.

You will find me to be supportive, patient and deeply compassionate. Most of all as this path is the culmination of my entire life's journey so far, rest assured that I will only share with you practices that I personally use myself that have been transformational for me in my own relationships with myself and others.

You can expect to be held by in a Compassionate and Judgement free space where I draw on my life skills, relational techniques and many years as a therapist and facilitator.

Bree Taylor Molyneaux | devotion

I look forward to assisting you 

xxxx Bree | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

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