Self-care + restorative wellness retreats for women


How often do you make time for yourself to encourage restful reflection away from the world?

As a woman, my greatest wish for you is that you learn to accept and prioritise simple daily acts of self-care (so you are filling your own cup first).

Because whether you are a busy mum or a successful career woman, we all need to refill our emotional selves on a regular basis. And ideally this happens before the tank runs dry and there is nothing left to give, or no one left to give it to.

And that’s what my women’s self-care + restorative retreats are all about; giving to yourself.


Some of my upcoming womens retreats are:

self-care restorative wellness retreat for women Sunshine Coast| Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Escape + renew self-care retreat - August 2017

A luscious weekend of self-care, self nurturing and deep relaxation. Take two full days + nights as you come back home to yourself.

Why attend a women’s self-care retreat?

Attending retreats is quite a different experience to simply visiting a day spa for a massage and pamper.

Because while every women deserves to be nurtured and pampered like the goddess that she is, she also needs time to sit with herself and reflect.  To ponder who she has become. To pause and dream about what she wants more of in the future. To feel and express herself fully, beyond the distractions of day to day life.  And to do it without any judgement from others.

You can expect to be in a sacred, nurturing, loving space where you can do, feel or express whatever you need. Where you can have moments to sit in meditation, participate in group activities like yoga, engage in positive discussion with other women, or enjoy solitary journalling time.

Benefits of women’s retreats

Along with the option to choose the type of retreat you want to experience (short or long) you can expect to experience + gain several things:


  • slow down and de-stress

  • dedicated time for journalling + self reflection

  • enjoy an environment where you can be you freely + without judgement

  • have empowering group discussions with like-minded women // mums

  • leave feeling restored, energised and refreshed

  • go home with a renewed desire to be true to yourself

  • return to the world with simple strategies you can implement immediately

Types of womens retreats

Explore my range of retreats currently available for women at all stages of life and find get what you need in a loving, safe and peaceful way.

The longer retreats generally involve overnight stays and in-depth personal growth work, while the shorter retreats are more about having a restorative experience – so you can fill your cup to restore calm + inner peace – then return to normality more centred and renewed.

womens self-care retreat | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Upcoming womens retreats

self-care restorative wellness retreat for women Sunshine Coast| Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Escape + renew | 2.5 days in Aug 2017

A luscious weekend of self-care, self nurturing and deep relaxation. Take two full days + nights to come back home to yourself.

What women are saying about recent retreats with Bree

I found this weekend was extrenely helpful for me.

By having a break from my family I took time to ge back in touch with myself, found my centre and got clear on where I want to go next. 

I leave with many new tools and better self understanding, including how to communicae with my partner and family better.

- SARAH - Escape + renew WEEKEND retreat attendee

I feel so much more peaceful now as I prepare to go home after the day.

I recommend this retreat for women wanting somewhere quiet, peaceful and comfortable where you can just be yourself. Come with an open-mind but have an idea why you need this time for you too. Highly recommended!


- April - one day retreat attendee

I am now rested, relaxed and renewed.

I enjoyed every moment of the day, and encourage all women to come along and have the opportunity to think about you for while.

Thoroughly enjoyed the entire day!

- April - one day retreat attendee

I’m now feeling rested, relaxed serene and peaceful.

I cannot put a value on what I gained today, it was invaluable and I recommend all women do this.

Do not hesitate to make this time for yourself, you wont regret it!

- April - one day retreat attendee

This day has been so valuable, causing me to check in with myself. I leave feeling light, relaxed and I can really FEEL within myself again.

I recommend all women do this for themselves – you wont be sorry!

- Jodie - one day retreat attendee

I came to this weekend feeling emotionally exhausted in my marriage and life, yet I leave with a clear understad of me, who I am and what I need.

Best of all I takeaway so many new strategies to use in my everyday life.

I cannot recommend this weekend retreat on self-care enough – thank you so much Bree!

Escape + renew WEEKEND retreat attendee

At this retreat I opened up to places of true honesty within myself and leave with a sense of restored harmony.

Take a leap of faith and so this for yourself!

- August - one day retreat attendee

Having this uninterrupted time to connect with myself and my body has been an awakening.

The entire day was BLISS. Ladies, if your considering attending a retreat with Bree you should definitely jump in and go for it!

- August - one day retreat attendee

Today was the start of more self care and self loving events to come.

I loved feeling a connection with myself again, and was reminded that I am worth this time out.

Go for it, you totally deserve this!

- August - one day retreat attendee

Bree is a hidden gem in Brisbane and I am so glad I found her.  She is incredibly talented, compassionate, insightful and generous with her support and time.

Providing a toolkit full of knowledge, skills and therapies I highly recommend you consider joining Bree at a retreat or for private coaching.  Thank you so much Bree – I am truly so grateful to you. xxx

- RB - one day retreat attendee