Womens Embodiment +Workshops+ Intimacy Coaching | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

       For Men + Women | Effective body led coaching + therapy

Do you suspect that your mindset is somehow holding you back from getting what you really deserve in life?

Whether that’s reclaiming the pleasure in your body, having more calm, loving and welcoming your body and sexual nature, or moving through unhealthy patterns of self destruction

Embodiment based somatic therapy + coaching can help you in many ways. 


         Coaching for Men                                                                                                      Coaching for Women

Intimacy coaching for men | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

 Dive into Tantric practices, unpack relationship patterns and explore embodiment approaches that can deepen your relationship with yourself and with your partner.

Suitable for Men who are both single or partnered.

coaching for pregnancy + birth | Bree Taylor Molyneaux

 Get 1 on 1 support to move through the somatic realms of your body. Be guided on movement, breath and mindset practices to support your innate ways of being in a women’s body.

Suitable for Women of all ages. 

Why work with me

The way I see it, there is a good chance that I’ve been right where you are now, at some point in my life to date. I’m a parent, have been in a long term marriage and totally get how we as women (and men) can fall into ruts in our relationships as we do our best to navigate life.

I’ve experienced real life challenges of my own and am a fully trained therapist with over 20+ years experience. 

I know what it’s like to be a woman who isn’t totally comfortable with her own body, who has shame, desire and longing for a deep heartfelt relationship with herself and her partner.. yet doesn’t know how to cultivate it. I know what it’s like to struggle making time for myself amid a career, a marriage and raising children.

And Ive worked with enough men to deeply appreciate and understand their challenges in relationships and intimacy.

I have a deep desire to support both men and women in creating more sustainable relationships. 

So while I don’t pretend to have everything sorted, there are many things that I have figured out along my journey of life

including my studies of Tantra + Embodiment complimented by Hypnotherapy + NLP.

Which means :

I walk my talk. I only teach things I’ve also tried and tested extensively on myself.

I am genuine, committed and honest with a deeply compassionate heart.

And I would love to support you in your path back to yourself.

Get in touch/ lets chat further

Bree by the creek | Intimacy Coach Bree Taylor Molyneaux