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The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® is a mixed gender practice space, where you will be guided through a set of techniques and exercises to deepen connection.

These workshops usually run in an evening for around 3 hours, and offer a safe place to explore emotional depth and intimacy with others – regardless of your current relational status.

Bring your partner or come alone.

Be guided to explore tantric relational practices:

  • invite presence
  • connect through the heart
  • explore the play of masculine and feminine energies 
  • create erotic tension  

You will be taught how to use the principles of erotic attraction as you explore a range of exercises to create deeper connection and emotional intimacy with others. 

These practices offer immediate benefits which can be implemented in the outside world.

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The Wild Woman Circle™ is an experiential engagement focused around simple yet powerful Women’s Embodiment practices.

These workshops usually run over half a day, offering an invitation for you to honour and deeply re-connect with yourself, as a woman through the vehicle of your body (not the mind).

You will be guided to explore using your own body as a portal to unlocking full bodied authentic expression of yourself

Through Women’s embodiment practices you will:

  • Engage with the innate wisdom of your body.
  • Gently peel back layers of coping and contractions, closure, old habits and trauma.
  • Come back to yourself; the wild, glorious, untamed parts of who you are.
  • Be invited to reclaim the softness, flow and pleasure that is your birthright.


The Wild Woman’s Circle™ invites us to come back home to the body and our authentic nature.

Each woman has a native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that know what is true for us. Our body is the portal to come back to her.

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